Do we need a "rating system"?

Submitted by Joe Hertz aka Bubba on 10/11/01. ( )

This post is in reference to the previous post where one individual
reported a business transaction that apparently went bad. What are
the chances of having some kind of rating system similar to what ebay
People who use this site for business transactions could register
and have a feedback section with comments from others who have done
business with him/her. The registration would be voluntary. I think
that it would be a good thing. Just wondering what others out there
think. Joe.

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This response submitted by Forum Fan on 10/12/01. ( )

Ken have a rating system.
Ken give passwords to users.
Ken make e-mail mandatory.
Ken make a registry system.
Ken do this, Ken do that.

I can only imagine how Ken feels about this sort of thing.

HEY I got an idea, Let's thank Ken instead of
pointing out the 1% of bad things that may happen here.

I think Ken does a good job. I'm sure he is aware of all the
antics that go on here. I don't know Ken but if I was in his
shoes I'd shut it down and let everybody think about what they
are missing.

If you read the whole post you pointed out you would
see the problem was solved, and more than likely because he was
able to make his problem known on this forum.

You have a great site as it is Ken and I for one would not
complain, nor would I make suggestions that would create hours and hours
of extra work for you.

Thank You Ken.
Forum Fan

No Please dont

This response submitted by Warren "TOAD" Stutesman on 10/12/01. ( )

I will say thanks for us all. Please dont teach us a lesson so soon after just getting this back up. After all I would have to spend more time with the Wife and Kids then.

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