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I have received numerous emails from friends and associates regarding Anthrax. Rather than type out what little I know about the bacillum, I have prepared a document pertaining to anthrax and its potential hazard to taxidermists and sportsmen, as well as a narrative history of the disease; it's treatment, presentation and histology. There are numerous abstracts added from a member's scientific site along with gleanings from ramdom abstracts on the web.

I will be glad to forward this document to all who request it by return email sent to the above address. There is no need to reply on the forum. I hope the effort will allay some fears and complete the half-a$$ed story we are getting on the national news broadcasts.

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You mean...

This response submitted by marty on 10/12/01. ( )

the media doesn't tell the "whole truth" In Utopia they do - lol!

In addition.

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Just in case Bill inadvertantly left out this point in his detailed report, Anthrax is also a very bad (i.e., not very good at all) heavy metal band.

Both Anthrax organisms should be avoided with extreme caution.

(Big smile) -Just trying to ease the tension we might all feel when walking to the mailbox.

I'll bet...

This response submitted by CUR on 10/13/01. ( )

That Anthrax, the band is gettin famous over this hysteria. they own the keyword slot on the inet. They are probably getting more hits than a black snake at a sewing

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