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Submitted by Bob Wendt on 10/13/01. ( )

Last winter a trapping crony of mine, here in Indiana sold some legally caught and tagged frozen whole animals to a man to mount (taxidermy) for himsrlf, with the buyer doing all the taxidermy work himself. A game warden confrontrd my buddy and tried to tell him he was selling illegally. Buddy says Bull ---- , go ---- yourself. Last buddy heard of it but the warden did tell him they were working undercover(In. Fish@Game) at the last In. tax. show and meeting last Feb. in Columbus Indiana. I know it is true as he named names etc. Anyway they arrested the buyer and confiscated all the animals and charged him with buying fur without a liscence. He had neither a tax. lisc. or a fur buyers lisc. His defense with a lawyer was In. law only requires a tax. lisc if you do work for others but not if only for yourself. He was found guilty and unfortunately did not appeal to an appelate court where I believe his case would have been overturned. The ruling judge found him guilty of buying fur without a lisc. , but not guilty of practicing tax. without a lisc. Judge said if he had the $10 tax. lisc. he would have let him off as an In. tax lisc allows buying and selling specimens without a trapping,hunting, or fur buying lisc. A post on the "for sale" side by Trapper jones brought this case to mind. I am not expressing an opinion or even guessing what laws may be in other states than Indiana. However the two boneheads jumping on trapper jones look real DUMB to me.

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Have you ever heard the expression..

This response submitted by marty on 10/13/01. ( )

"You can catch more flies with sugar"? I'll bet your buddy has never gotten out of a traffic ticket either. When approached by ANY law enforcement official one needs to know how to play the game...

Hey you

This response submitted by Bob Wendt on 10/13/01. ( )

The buddy was totally with in the law, like 100% legal and new it was a bogus "fishing expidition" by the warden so told him to blow off. I would have done the same. At some point you have to say either arrest me or take a hike and slam the door. He had been harassed by this officer in the past. I personnaly have been held at gunpoint by Wyoming F @ G. officers, insulted, searched and held for hours while my truck was searched. Then never charged with anything and never even an apology so now I say arrest or get out of my way. I was young and naive back in those days and thought all law enforcement personal, especially F. @ G. were above reproach. They are all like the rest of the general population, some are very bad people on power trips. What ashame when you think of all the truly dedicated great officers. The Wyoming officer that jerked me around was Russ Pollard, now their top dog in enforcement and I tell everyone I meet at every opportunity I get . That was 10 years ago and I am still mad about it.

Thanks Bob

This response submitted by Joshua "TRapper" Jones on 10/15/01. ( )

I was very glad i read this post, This is the reason i posted that post on the for sale part so that my customers will not put themselves in danger of breaking the law should they buy from me or anyone else for that matter. In order to build good relationships with customers, it has been my experience, to be totally honest upfront and let them know what code I run by. Thanks, I appreciate your comments very much.

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