Lisa Viletta

Submitted by Mark C on 10/14/01. ( )

Been trying to send those photos you requested but they keep getting tossed back at me. Don't know if your server is out or what, Please contact me.

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Screw loose

This response submitted by CUR on 10/14/01. ( )

There is a screw loose on the keyboard. Mark, for ten pounds of moose meat, I won't tell your wife you are sending pictures to ladies on the


This response submitted by Lisa "Billy Sue Bubbie" Vileta on 10/14/01. ( )

Alright Cur Gaither....whatch ya talking about a screw loose? You have many questions to be a answering! And if this machine doesn't start getting along with's gonna be target practice! Nuff said....

You got the Moose meat CUR but...

This response submitted by Mark C on 10/14/01. ( )

...I'm mot worried about the picture thing. I showed her the one you sent that still has me puking and now she's not interested in anything I do here. Thanks buddy, you've cleared the way.

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