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Submitted by Bubba on 10/14/01. ( )

I've been reading lots of posts on this site in reference to the
horrific attacks on September 11th that were committed by extremists
led by Osama bin Laden.
I've also been reading lots of refernces by Cur and others who
refer to people of Middle Eastern descent who live in or out of this
country as "towel heads" and other derogatory names.
If the terrorists were from Africa, would you same folks who are
making these comments be refering to ALL BLACKS as [expletive deleted]s, jungle
bunnies etc. Bubba.

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In case you are wondering...

This response submitted by Bubba on 10/14/01. ( )

The expletive that was deleted was the "N-word". Bubba.


This response submitted by CUR on 10/14/01. ( )

No, we wouldn't use the "N" word, bubba, in order to be politically correct, we would refer to them as "cow dung" heads, or "leopard" heads or big, tall, "lion mane" heads.

Lemme tell you what, pal, I will call the enemies of my state any Gawd Dang thing I want. During WWII, we called the Japanese "nips", and the Germans, "Krauts", and no one seemed to mind. Now, someone wants to be sweetie pie to those turban wearing, poppy growing, sheet wearing murderers? Screw them. I don't care what you call them as long as they show up dead.

I am up to my snoot with all this fancy pants, faggoty, nice guy crap! Those bastards hate us? Let me tell you, Bubba, those TOWEL HEADS ain't seen hate yet. They done pissed off that big hunk of America that is called the Mid-America Majority. That big chunk of red on the map that voted for George W. Bush is pissed and the panty waisted little liberal minority can kiss my A$$. The pools of that sissy thinking on the East and West coast has been reduced by one. The New Yorkers got slapped up alongside their moral cheeks, and they are finally as pissed as the rest of us have been. That leaves one coast to go before America returns to the thinking that got us where we are today.


Excuse me

This response submitted by CUR on 10/14/01. ( )

I forgot to mention, during my military service, I fought right alongside the guys you imply to be of the "N" word persuasion. I have no problem with African-Americans. Did you see the action in Somalia? Those Rangers were Americans of all persuasions. A number of my old war buddies are black guys. I called one up today and asked him what he called the Arabs....he said Mo'Fo' TOWEL HEADS.....See! We are more united in thought than one might think.

You brought up the "N" wasn't even in my mind. Says a lot for you, Bubba.

come on cur

This response submitted by scott on 10/14/01. ( )

You would feel better if you didn't bottle it all up up, buddy
tells us how you really feel about this. I'm on your side.

Sick of it too!

This response submitted by Cathy on 10/14/01. ( )

I am sick to death too about all the whinning going on with some of these so called Americans crying for peace and worrying about killing some Afgan people over there, {It's called War and they drew 1st Blood} Screw those people, they sure as heck were not worried about all they killed here. I am a full time working mother and I am scared to death every time my 2 boys leave for school and I worry till they get home. I am so sick of the stress of this on top of everything else going on in my life. We are a nation of all different races, that's what makes it America, but the ones who cannot stand up for this country in this hour of need can just get the F@#&@ out. Those Turban head sicko's don't give a flying F what happens to us, and I am talking about all the ones that are here, living and working {not yet citizens} taking our hard earned money and sitting back and laughing at us. Who knows, it's a shame to say but I do not go and fund the local 7-11 or Subway anymore because most of them are either owned or run by the towel heads. I don't go to any place that is run by them, I may be wrong but until this is over I am not giving any of my money to someone who might be funding the Taliban.

Way to go Cathy

This response submitted by Mark on 10/14/01. ( )

Way to go, and I agree with you I hate them to. Like Andrew Dice clay said, If you can't speak the language get the f$%# out. I avoid all the stores and shops that are run by ragheads. Maybe thats some sort of hardhat. Hell last week I about punched my wife in selfdefense when she came out of the bathroom with a towel rapped on her head, some green crap on her face and nothing else on, I thought she was a wounded raghead who had been hit by a bunker buster. She's not that bad, but I'd never seen her that way.
I'm all for Lake Afghanistan.

funny-comic books

This response submitted by Gordon C. on 10/14/01. ( )

All this reminds me of the comic books back in the 70S, the green berets and the gooks. Or when the Argentines got to be Natzzees a few yers back. And yes, was a time when the german people got to be huns. Japs. Brits got to be limeys. Need I go on. Vermin, pests, etc. Trash talk, it starts in varsity sports, right. If I was serious and had to trottle someone I would prefer to know them exactly, name included. That they had a name indicating they were worth far less than my own kind, seems to me a first mistake and so loose my fight. But I'm just a bear skinner, what do I know.


This response submitted by scott on 10/14/01. ( )

There were people handing out flyers in a small town near me yesterday.
I didn't hear about it until later, but heard they were claiming Bin Laden
wasn't a bad guy and the US should stop picking on the Taliban.

I'm all for giving them a one-way ticket so they can go live with him if
they like him that much.

I understand they didn't stay in town too long...I assume they got out
alive...I did notice some buzzards circling down on the south side...

Excuse me..

This response submitted by Bubba on 10/14/01. ( )

This is not about "the enemy", this is not about "nice guy crap", and
it is not even about the terrorist attacks. It's about the
stereo-typing that is going on by referring to all Middle Eastern
people in such a derogatory manner.
There are lots of Middle Eastern people in this country who had nothing
to do with the terrorist attacks, yet they are being subjected to
a lot of hate and racism. Racism promotes this type of hatred.
Sure, go ahead and attack my patriotism. You can even justify your
racist comments by what the Bin Laden and his handful of extremist
followers did. Bubba.

You obviously ain't Bubba

This response submitted by George on 10/14/01. ( )

You're obviously too PC and using the anonymous handle, probably burned your draft card and went to Canada IF you are old enough to be out of puberty. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, ...." There's a war going on on you limp swizzle go around whining about semantics and sobriquets. Using your logic, we can't refer to them as Afghans since old Osama is Saudi and ALL Afghans aren't radical Muslims. So you call them what makes YOU feel better and leave the rest of us the hell alone with your PC pablum and I'll stick to good old American jingoisms.

Bubba Wise up Now

This response submitted by The taxidermist on 10/14/01. ( )

It's not racism hatred yes, I am with Kathy and Cur. I was there in Nam were you. So many so called Americans now are crying we may hurt them. What the hell did they do to our 5,000 plus people on 9/11? Do you think that was right. Think about these so called American Arab decents are only spys. Where the hell do you think they get the money to support their terrorism. You gave it ro them. Them come here and in 4 years they own companies all financed by our government and get this on a 99 year loan meaning that they don't have to make one payment for 99 years. Think about it once. We should now bow to them and kiss their asses hell no pack them up towels and all and send them back to their country. Do they want to go crap no they would be alive for 24 hours and their leader would have them killed. Wise up they attacked our soil and what ever it take and as long as it take we need to stop them now or you may be wearing a turbin. Think about it. War is Hell and yes innocent people die. Our people were innocent and they died did that SOB care hell no so why should we care.

personally, I dont need anyones elses experience...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 10/15/01. ( )

...for me to form my opinion. Yes, I can honestly say that I, in spite of what the Good book says, HATE those who attacked us. But I cant label a whole race as towel heads who assumedly hate us back. We have always run our country on the open door policy, and yep, it looks like it comes back to bite us in the ass now and again. To boycott the sub shop on the corner is assinine. Why didnt a white guy buy it and run a profit through it? You wanna hate someone, go ahead and hate greedy flight school owners who ask NO questions, or maybe your favorite liberal group who challenged that bill which supported the visa checks for foreign visitors and students. I can understand why guys like Cur and others feel like they do, but think this ALL the way through. If you dont want visitors to this country, it would still belong to the Native Americans. God HELP America, I say...

Well, Bill

This response submitted by CUR on 10/15/01. ( )

Give it back to the indians? Not a bad Idea. Since my Grandmother is a full blooded Cherokee, making me 1/4 and a Qualla member myself, I think I would like to have, oh say, the Porcupine Range in Alaska. Thank you!

My duck hunting partner is an Arab. He is Lebanese. Actually a third generation American from Lebanese Christian Stock. he is a dentist, and a poor shot, which is why I like to hunt with He has a lot of relatives living here too.......funny thing, he calls those radical muslems towel heads too.....go figure.

The towel head that managed the local convenient store was just picked up by the FBI because he has had a number of young Arabs working there on and off for several years. He called them all "nephews". He is a Pushtun (sp) from northern Pakistan, and supportive of bin Laden. he once told me that Saddam hussein had never been in Kuwait, that it was all American propaganda made up for an excuse to kill muslims. The day they had to drag me off the sumbitch was September 12th when the bastard was holding court with the locals here and told them we deserved the strike on the WTC.....

My hunting partner is an OK guy, American all the way. But you can bet your ass I am re-qualifying the rest of those towel heads until they let me know whose side they are on. I made no mention of the mainstay Arab-Americans. I was speaking of those radical muslims we are killing off.......they, friend, are gonna be TOWEL HEADS until they change their ways or become extinct.


This response submitted by Bob the New Yorker on 10/15/01. ( )

(The CUR comment)-->The New Yorkers got slapped up alongside their moral cheeks,

I think maybe you should rephrase that. I'm suprised you know the way
I think and feel about these issues. You use the term (New Yorkers) as in
ALL New Yorkers. We have as many small towns as any state and we may be
out numbered by N.Y. city I don't know, but not all of us could be group
in one catagory simply because we live in N.Y.

My father served this country in the military.
I served this country in the military.
My son is now serving this country.

We are all New Yorkers, born and raised here in the northern part
of the Adirondacks approximently 360 miles north of N.Y. city.
We also voted for George Bush, not ALL New Yorkers voted for that
tree hugger Gore.
Sorry but I have seen comments about N.Y. on here from time to time
and well I guess with everything that's going on it's time to say,
hey we're not only New Yorkers but Americans. We don't ALL vote and
think and feel the same. Believe it or not New Yorkers have differing
opinions just like the rest of the country.

No hard feelings Bob

This response submitted by CUR on 10/15/01. ( )

I don't mean the upstate New Yorkers at all. I am talking about the bevy of elitist who live in the NYC metro area. I have spent a lot of time in Western NY state and have friends there. I would never confuse you guys with the grey flannel suiters at 41 Madison Ave. I'll bet you didn't vote for the Cellulite Senator either.......


This response submitted by Bob on 10/15/01. ( )

No I didn't vote for the (female dog!), Can't find anyone in my area who did.


This response submitted by Cathy on 10/15/01. ( )

Like Cur said, "we don't hate all of them" You missed the point, I said I would not go and fund any of them that run stores because I don't know what they are doing with all the money, yes I'm sure 90 percent or so are doing this legally and are true to this country but like I said until this is over if ever, I choose to have my opinion of it and if you think I'm stupid for thinking so , then so be it. You are entitled to have your opinion too.
Do you remember when the Japanese people bombed Pearl Harbor, {correct me anyone if I'm wrong}they took all the Jap-Americans and put them in camps until it was over, because this countries government couldn't distinguish if they were loyal to us or them, I am not implying that this is what they should do to the turban wearing people, just making a point again.
Do you know, the last school my 9 year old went to was 95% Black, and 5 % of those were Muslims. The whole School could not participate in things like Halloween Parties, because it would offend the muslim kids and their parents, My son would come home 2 days out of 5 being beat up or beat down in some way {Yes we are white} had nightmares for months until we found out why {he never told us this was going on}Needless to say we took him out of that school and now he and his younger brother has to travel 40 minutes on a school bus to go to a better school.
Also I live an hour and a half away from the Pentagon and have seen the devastation done and my heart goes out to all that lost loved ones. I live 10 minutes away from a Defense Supply Center and that place has been jumping. You may say I live surrounded by alot of Military bases here in Virginia and all the activity has made alot of people nervous. But all around here support this government all the way in this war. How do you feel when you see on TV them Burning the American Flag and a stuffed version of Pres. Bush? I feel a rage like no other. All my point is that most of the terrorists that was involved were thought to be "Good Citizens" living and working among us like everyday people. My Point Again, who do you trust?
Now My Sister's Husbands Cousin was killed in the WTC on the 11th, They live in Long Island. So it has hit home in my book and maybe you can understand why I feel the way that I do. And if you don't that's fine too.

Also Bill

This response submitted by Cathy on 10/15/01. ( )

You asked, "why didn't a white guy buy it" referring to the sub shop..... A white guy can't get a loan in the amount it can cost to own a Franchise or have you never looked into how expensive that is? Us hard working people have to go thru hell and back trying to get a business started and the Government does not hand out loans to us white people as fast as they due Minorities. Most of us are not white collar so if we don't have the money to back projects up, they never get off the ground. It has taken me 15 years to save enough money to start my own taxidermy busisness, which I still run from a shop at home because I cannot afford to rent a shop elsewhere and I was turned down for assistance to start my point made.

Phunny thing about franchises...

This response submitted by CUR on 10/15/01. ( )

When it comes to Subway stores, I know a little about them too. From 1993 until I bailed in 1997, I had an invested interest in a holding company that owned eleven Subway Franchises. I even chaired the business in 1995 and 1996. Now, I can't make a decent Subway sandwich, but I have five years worth of financial data for the business and do know the cost of franchises and the details of operations.

When we decided to sell off two of the locations, we were immediately approached by a hindu from India named J.R.R. Perara (sp). He was located in California and his group was buying up available franchises as fast as they could locate them. The Indian gentleman told us that he wanted to buy it in order to acquire business in Houston since he was interested in moving there. Well, a little bit of research showed that he was a front for an Indian consortium that was buying up anything they could get their hands on in the retail service industry.

The "white guys" who approached us for sale were screened by Subway and had to surrender a left or right testicle or their first born child to Doctor's Associates, Inc. (The actual name of the Subway Corporation.)in addition to meeting strict criteria demanded by local banking institutions. Subway franchises were then running around 40,000 per franchise, plus the build-out and a requirement for potential owners to have $200,000.00 in liquiable assets to climb on board. Additional franchises to existing owners were just $3,500.00, plus the average $125,000.00 build-out to turn-key per location.

(One interesting aspect of the operation is that an owner of a Subway franchise can operate numerous "satelite" stores under the single license. That is why you see so many Subways and other fast food chains in gasoline stations. The owners of the Gasoline franchises can buy a single Subway Franchise and then put "satelite" stores in as many gas stations as they own, for FREE.)

The Asian buyers were all pre-qualified with Subway and the funds were guaranteed by collectives and investment brokers, and not the individuals. Few were franchised by US Government funds, but rather by private, offshore capital which guaranteed the loans. the average Subway store nets the owner around $40,000.00 - $60,000.00 annually - more if you slave at it and have a seriously prime location. An investment group that owns a hundred or more franchises, coupled with satelites, is looking at a substantial return on the investment. An Asian collective that owns one convenient store isn't going to get rich. One who owns a thousand such stores can pave their driveway with gold. Since most of the employees come in this country on J, K or L visas, the cost of operation is held at mininum and the dollar flow out of this nation is substantial. When you walk into one of these stores and feel sorry for the towel head owner, forget him and think about the fat cat sitting in Bombay or Calcutta or Islambad who is raking in the zillions.

It is not a poor ass American competing with a foreign national, Bill, it is that American chasing a dream that is being over-run by large corporate collectives.......and that, my friend, is a damn shame. THAT, as Paul Harvey says, is the REST of the story!

Towell Heads?

This response submitted by tom on 10/15/01. ( )

with the way most of these people smell, I assumed it was a diaper on their head (used of course)!

Do Arabs pay taxes on the first 7

This response submitted by Randal R. Waties on 10/15/01. ( )

I have heard mention, that Arabs can come over here and open a store and not pay certain taxes for 7 years. Does any body know?


This response submitted by CUR on 10/15/01. ( )

There is no special dispensation of which I am aware for foreign investors or citizens at the Federal level in this nation. There is a general provision wherein a foreign corporation engaged in manufacture in the USA and shipping abroad, is compensated as long as the bulk of the labor and raw materials and OEM items used in that manufacture are of US origin. The provision is made to allow just the interest to be paid on the taxes and at times the tax is forgiven if these parameters are met.

There are, however a number of tax-attractive packages made on the state level in order to encourage investment in the state concerned. These packages are sometimes very lucrative, offering interest free loans and often contain tax free incentives for a number of years. The only Federal absolution I am aware of pertains to manufactured goods outlined above.

One of the biggest loopholes in the foreign investment area is the specific that deals with J,K and L visas. Under current provisions, a foreign investor can create specific employment categories and techinical career titles that allow the wholesale import of technicians and non-available skilled labor. Foreign investors who own a majority of the US company also enjoy a blanket visa provision to import a good percentage of their labor. The labor is then paid on a scale that is sliding and backed off the taxed amount, with much of the money being paid in care and provision packages which are charged back to the employee on the other end. The employee receives little more than the wage of country of origin with a COLA attachment and a bonus amount paid by contract upon return home at the end of term. In that case (Often employed by Japanese companies) the company deducts the witholding taxes and FICA and pays them, writes off the airfare and consideration amounts (lodging, meals, transportation, etc.) and is then further compensated by charging those amounts off to the employee by deducting them from the salary amount actually paid.

A lot of foreign companies bring in a host of "language specialists" from their country under the provisions. These "specialists" are the ones ringing up your purchases, or sweeping the floors. I know of no case where they are required to demonstrate bi-lingual skills to qualify for that type of speacialist visa.

There are some considerations given in "Duty Free Trade Centers" to nations which enjoy certain status, but the tariff on those goods are eventually paid when the goods are shipped to the end user. Some Arab states may enjoy a "Duty Free" import status wherein their goods are not taxed on entry. The only business I have done there was with Jordan and Saudi Arabia and that was the good side of the coin, my works shipped there for sale in gift shops.

Answer? It is a racket! (There may be a new compensation clause in the IRS code of which I am not aware. God knows what the Clinton regime may have pulled off for a favor or two.)

One more thing

This response submitted by CUR on 10/15/01. ( )

There are also certain provisions for non-payment of income tax under certain treaties where the immigrant can opt to pay taxes in his or her home nation for a period of time, rahter than pay them here. the same applies to the other side of the coin, wherein Americans working overseas are tax exempt up to a certain amount of monies. I am not sure what that amount is, but under Regan, it was increased in stages until the first $100,000.00 of foreign earnings were exempt from federal tax. Earnings beyond that amount were taxed.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 10/15/01. ( )

I can see your point on not liking them until they prove themselves otherwise. Cathy, sorry but Ill stand by what I said. I live in an area with many good universities, medical schools, etc, so we have our share of diversity. Im just not ready to single out the races yet. Sorry to hear about your children in that school, (Im a parent too), I know its the way of the majority in all schools, and you became the minority on that one. That would be a good point in itself to defend all this, but, like you said, we disagree. Funny thing, this hatred toward others...


This response submitted by don on 10/15/01. ( )

any middle east bas---d as a friend and i dont want one! i dont care what color they are or which middle east country they come from.

when the poles, irish, germans,italians etc, came to this country they may have formed little communities of their own but they all had something in common. they were CHRISTIAN!

the worthless scum that comes out of the middle east are from a culture and philosophy that i couldn't even begin to understand let alone believe in or relate to.

they've been fighting among themselve for centuries and are taught to hate.we've been hated by them for many years but now they can reach out and touch us.

wiping out the middle eastern countries men women and children would solve all problems. they sure as hell dont care about their own lives, their peoples lives and certainly not ours. from what i've seen as to what's being done to civilians and how most live, if you can call that living, wiping them out would be doing them a favor.

ok u whinney a-s liberals,lets hear some whinning!


This response submitted by Bubba on 10/15/01. ( )

George-I'm not hiding behind any anonyomous name. My name is Joe
Hertz. I'm not a kid by the way-I'm 39 years old.
You will notice that I did post my e-mail address on my
first post of this thread. I was born and raised in this country and
just happen to be 1/2 Korean and 1/2 American. Physically, I look
asian-although I get mistaken for being native american, and other
Growing up, I was often called a variety of mean-spirited, cruel names
such as jap and nip. This really had a devastating effect on my self-
image. I'm not looking for any pity here. I just know that there are
many GOOD arab-americans in this country who are being subjected to
the kind of venom that Cur/George and others are spewing and it's
wrong. You won't convince me otherwise. I hate the terrorist
bastards that committed the atrocities on 9-11. But I don't hate
all Arabs. Bubba.

Thank you..

This response submitted by Bubba on 10/15/01. ( )

Thanks Don. Your comments really strenthened my point from my previous
point. Especially the 3rd paragraph. Bubba.

Yox, what is your problem...

This response submitted by Doug M on 10/15/01. ( )

...with flight school owners? This is at least the second time I've seen you trash them. Just how are they supposed to be able to determine the motives of their students? Prior to the incidents of 9-11 virtually no one considered the possibility of terrorists using commercial aircraft as weapons yet you seem to think the schools should have seen it coming! That's the same logic as blaming gun manufacturers for crime. Now you encourage us to "hate" them but not the diaper heads. Get a grip, man! A large percentage of commercial pilots worldwide are trained right here in the U.S. so students from the middle-east wouldn't necessarily be suspect, at least prior to 9-11. If the schools were to blame for this the authorities would be all over them but I don't see that happening, do you? Maybe that should tell you something. Or maybe I'm wrong and we should "hate" driver's ed teachers for the Oklahoma city bombing. After all, McVey used a motor vehicle in the commission of that terrorist act.

All I can say to that Doug....

This response submitted by Michael Rowley on 10/16/01. ( )

Is, if I were an airplane flight instructor, who had ANY student that was adamant about learning how to ONLY STEER an aircraft after airborne, and had absolutely no interest whatsoever in knowing how to take off or land that same aircraft, you can bet your ass I would be ringing some phones. The ones who had the opportunity to do the same, chose not too! I dont classify what Mr Yox said, or what I just said as kicking them, but rather questioning thier lack of suspiscion based on common sense, and thier lack of interest in doing something that could be perhaps to the greater good of society without finacial gain for themselves. Folks like that used to be called Good Samaritans.

Its not a stereotype Buba..

This response submitted by Charles "Non-Towel head" on 10/16/01. ( )

Buba one thing you need to realize is there is a whole lot of truth in most stereotypes .. Why the hell do you think people laugh at the Redneck jokes, well its because we all know at least one that is or does as the joke goes.
No not all followers of Islam hate the US but the high majority does. Do most Muslims wear the Cloths on their head? Yes, do they look like towels? Yes, so they are what they are.
I remember when Jesse the hypocrite Jackson sued Toyota for having an add with a Black man smiling with a gold tooth. He said this was prejudice, Is it? Do you know a black person with a gold tooth? Truth is all the ones I have worked with had at least one so its not a stereotype, its just a fact.. Get over it..I find it funny that these losers can tell jokes about us Irishmen drinking and that's OK, but talk about one of these special Liberal minority groups that spend most of their times looking for an easy road out and all hell breaks lose.. Personally I don't call them Towel heads I have other choice words for these people of hatred..
Lets get the facts right, Japanese are short, blacks do have gold teeth, Muslims wear towels, Irish love to drink, Italians don't always sound smart when talking, Chinese have slanted eyes, Whites cannot dance, Jews are good with money, Now are these stereotypes, or are they just the truth..
Now before you call me a racist you should know I was raised a poor white child by black parents who had a Japanese grandmother, a jewish nany and I enjoy wearing an Roy Rogers white and red checkered table cloth on my head..

Doug, my name is Bill

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 10/16/01. ( )

Well, Mike, I see you understood where I was coming from. Very well said. Doug, it has been widely publicized that those involved paid in advance in cash to learn to fly the commercial airliner only, and when asked if they wanted to learn to take off or land, they declined. Those instructors didnt find this suspicious, yet some of you can spot a terrorist based on what he puts on your sandwich at the sub shop? Those flight school instructors WERE chastised, by the way. As for your parallel to the Oklahoma City bombing, I DO seem to recall some question as to why someone would sell that jackass that much fertilizer or whatever he used to make the explosives out of, without proper permits. Ultimately those who committed the crime should be held accountable, of course, but Im just not ready to sound like you or Don or the others who want to hate them all, I guess. As for Charles and the stereotypes, hey, Irish or Polish jokes are jokes, but they arent HATING people. Personally I sleep well with the way I believe, and while I cant agree with you guys, its your decision that you all have made. I hope you are as comfortable with it as I am with mine. Hey, thats just the way the world spins. No hard feelings...

Bubba got a chip?

This response submitted by CUR on 10/16/01. ( )

I mentioned that my grandmother was an Amerind. How would you like to grow up playing cowboys and Indians and never being allowed to be the cowboy? Well, that was me. My ex-wife called me "breed" for years. I have traveled across this world, am fluent in a couple of languages and can do business, get drunk and laid in ten or so. I am not a prejudiced man, not a sterotyper of any form or fashion. On the other hand, I resent the hell out of you sterotyping me for using a derogatory term about a certain group that I consider my enemies. So you are part Korean...BFD. You are mistaken for an Amerind....BFD. There are Arabs in this country that are OK people, I agree with that. I think you ate some bad Kimshee at the wrong stage of development and it arrested your emotional growth.

You need to understand that you're stance against my name calling is nothing more than another form of sterotyping. Sounds to me like you have a chip on your shoulder. Use it or lose it friend. You are no better than the rest of us. We all believe we are correct in our speech, motive and manner. You stance just shows you disagree with my terminology, it doesn't make you right.


This response submitted by Bubba on 10/16/01. ( )

Well Cur... I think you are predjudice as hell. So you had a couple
of black army buddies. WOW! BFD. Go ahead and continue to "use a
derogatory term about a certain group that I consider my enemies" as
you so eloquently put it in your previous post. You just don't get it
and never will. Are you ignorant or just stupid? Which is it Cur?

Let me explain a little fact to you Bubbie...

This response submitted by CUR on 10/16/01. ( )

I am neither stupid, nor ignorant. Maybe I call them names out of frustration. What I would much rather do is kill the bastards. You and your ilk are so dammned concerned with your own little hurts and insecurities that you can't see the forests for the trees. You see prejudice on every face that looks at you and read it into every written word that you either don't comprehend or you disagree with. You are evidently marked by your past experiences. You mention that you are Korean/American. I don't know whether that is by intent, or by accident, and don't care. It is obvious that you are bitter about something, and it hasn't any thing to do with what I call my enemies.

Your horse$hit political correctness just doesn't appeal to me. Your kind is on the losing side of a new force that is sweeping our nation. You folks have been riding on a tide of sentiment that is now ebbing and with any luck will sweep you and all the other politically correct liberals out to sea.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 10/16/01. ( )

I understood the manner in which you used your ethnic background. Let me tell you this, though. Dont bother arguing with Cur over this one. I learned a long time ago that some folks just think the way they do, and you arent going to change it. Theres no sense getting into a pissing match with Cur or anyone else about this stuff. We are all "friends thru the forums", so to speak. You made a valid point, but you wont sway these guys any more then I could. We all state our opinions compationately, and move on.

one question Bubba

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 10/16/01. ( )

you said you were 1/2 korean and 1/2 American. You want to explain to me what 1/2 American is? Seems like you done went and did what you accuse everone else of... stereotyping. There are plenty of Korean Americans.. your logic is faulty dude



This response submitted by Art on 10/17/01. ( )

All I know is that the towel heads are freaks that will drop a
nuke on U.S. and Canada as soon as they get thier grubby hands on one.
And they WILL eventually get one.
Could you guys please nuke that nut Saddam before he gets a nuke
of his own?
Believe me, if I had the means I would do it myself.
He's behind the anthrax scare, theres no doubt in my mind.

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