Marty, Is it true......

Submitted by George on 10/16/01. ( )

I just heard that you either recently turned 40 or soon will be. Say it ain't so.
No I know why all these goofy posts. If that's true, it's obvious you're suffering through male menopause. Younger women, fast cars, gym workouts, fancy clothes ? Man, I'm so sorry for you. They don't even make Midol for those symptoms, it's no wonder you're sounding like a flake. Hang in there buddy and wait a year or so. Then you'll just be thankful your bowels and bladder move regularly and hope you can maintain control of WHEN they do. LOL

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Was THAT what it was?

This response submitted by Bill on 10/16/01. ( )

Ya know....I had these same symptoms...had the red Vette..ran 5 miles every day, the silk shirts..hummm.....sounds really familiar..LMAO....whew.....


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 10/16/01. ( )

Im 41, wheres my sportscar? And when do my bowels start to desert me? I gotta prepare for this, Im assuming...LOL!

No problem, George

This response submitted by CUR on 10/17/01. ( )

I am as regular as clock work: Every morning about seven, I do number one. Then around eight I do number two... Somewhere between eight-thirty and nine, I wake up.


This response submitted by Layne Luna on 10/17/01. ( )

Now that was funny Bill!

There's no---

This response submitted by Christoforo on 10/17/01. ( )

There's no 12 step program to help you through this either. It's cold turkey all the way even with the comb over, young chickie and sports car. I knew you were confussed, and in a quandry, i hope your not gender confused also. Good Luck.

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