NY could see end to hunting!

Submitted by Charles on 10/17/01. ( Marl4570@aol.com )

New York Bill Would Create Advocate for Wildlife- (10/02)
New York

Legislation filed on September 6th could greatly change the way wildlife is managed in New York by creating a new cabinet position, the Advocate of Wildlife, to advise the Governor and legislature on policies and plans that affect wildlife programs.
Assembly Bill 9421 would allow the appointment of an Advocate of Wildlife to advise elected officials on wildlife programs and recommend legislation to protect the resource. The Advocate would conduct studies relating to the protection, conservation, and preservation of wildlife and be able to appoint officers, committees, and agents to pursue goals. The bill specifically instructs the Advocate to promote non-lethal methods of wildlife control.

Every state, including New York, already has a department of environmental or wildlife conservation to manage wildlife and habitat. These state agencies balance the wildlife resource with the needs of the people. The proposed position basically duplicates the state agency, but with a new focus. Assembly Bill 9421 would give the Advocate broad power that seems to supercede the state wildlife agency.

Assembly Bill 9421 is currently under consideration in the Assembly Committee on Governmental Affairs.

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give us ammo

This response submitted by mark on 10/17/01. ( mnmstuffit@aol )

im not from new york but if we had the info on who to contact we could put in your 2 cents worth. we need to pressure the people who can make or break this. have any of you ever noticed how ever one is coming out of the closet, gays, antis and the like while hunters and sportsman are hiding in the closet. who hangs their deer in the front yard any more there was a day when people showed their kill off now were afraid we might offend someone. when is the last time you were at a dinner party and hear a disscusion about hunting. PEOPLE BE PRUDE AND BE LOAD.


This response submitted by CUR on 10/17/01. ( WILDART@prodigy.net )

You are going to the wrong dinners.....lol. Charles, it would seem that the Wildlife Resources Agency or whatever the current New York Wildlife Commission or agency is called, would be fighting that bill tooth and nail to retain their current powers and positions.

I would suggest that a Federation of concerned organizations be formed, unless you have a current State Wildlife Federation, and the collective voice be raised in earnest to either defeat this issue (I smell the cellulite senator) or force it's modification to retain the current status quo. The current wildlife agency should already be tasked with the duties outlined in your summation. Duplication and redundancy issues are usually easily defeated when the public makes an outcry. Of course, when the fine citizens of New York State are constantly defeated by a collective of liberal sorts housed in a few square miles, I would imagine that many a discouraging word has been heard in the empire state. I think the simplest issue facing the nation is the removal of LA and Orange counties in CA, Miami-Dade and Hillsboro counties in Florida and the New York Islands be re-districted to share a similar status with Washington, DC. Those hotbeds of abject liberalism have caused America enough problems over the years. Of course, I have always prided myself a simplist....lol


This response submitted by n/a on 10/17/01. ( n/a )



This response submitted by Bob on 10/17/01. ( tax43@hotmail.com )

I would like more info also, I live in Northern N.Y. and haven't heard a thing
about this. That doesn't suprise me but I'd like to know where to go to bitch
about it. Mark I don't think I know anyone who doesn't hunt in my circle of
friends anyway, and I do hang my deer in the front yard as I did on Saturday
the first day of muzzle loading season. I sometimes leave a few parts under
the tree (lower leg, etc.) to teach the neighbors to keep their dogs to home.
Post more info if you can Charles.

Hey guys for more info

This response submitted by Charles on 10/17/01. ( Marl4570@aol.c0m )

For more info go to www.wlfa.org and put NY in.You guys have some real troublesome bills being debated..

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