Stuff what?

Submitted by Brad on 10/17/01. ( )

Whats with stuffing now adays? Have not done much in a long time, hope to pick up some pointers.

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This response submitted by skeeter on 10/17/01. ( )

Hey Cur this one is just for YOU.

After Cur is finished.....

This response submitted by Lisa on 10/17/01. ( )

Leanna's turn!

Wait though......Who is gonna pop the pocorn? LOL


This response submitted by Lisa on 10/17/01. ( )

Got all excited....sorry!


This response submitted by gordon c. on 10/17/01. ( )

This is the forum for you. Check out the archives for all kinds of information. See categories. Also if you go to home page (taxidemy net home, above) you'll get supplier addresses and access to online catalogues, how to video tapes etc. And there's more, lots of really great taxidermists, artists, novice and business people who participate on here and will help with genuine problems, procedures, advise, etc. Also, sometimes the banter is "funny" and fun on here. And there's still alot more, which I will not get into now.

The taxidermist are headlong into hunting season and planning to get busier as season progresses. Also, there are alot of hobby taxidermist like myself who enjoy all facets of taxidermy and practice this craft--because we have to do it.

Welcome aboard Brad, make youself at home, get a seat, get involved. If you like working with your hands and appreciate wildlife--this forum is for you. PS. this forum is sponsored by WASCO a great taxidermy supplier!

Been away TOO long

This response submitted by George on 10/17/01. ( )

We STUFF cabbage, rockfish, peppers, and Christmas stockings, but "stuffing" went with J.W. Elwood. We now refer to it as "MOUNTING". Go to the WASCO website and get a load of what you've been missing.


This response submitted by CUR on 10/17/01. ( )

Who stuffed Elwood? the only thing I stuff is socks in my swimsuits. What is this "stuffing"? Is that anything like unthawing or making a cast to get a mold out of?


This response submitted by RickJ on 10/17/01. ( )

Well... if all your going to get is smart-a**ed remarks from these guys, I guess I can help you out.

I prefer the bread crumb type stuffing. Some like to use cornbread.
Most are sold in sacks at the grocery store. If you turn the bag over, there will be simple instructions. Just follow the instructions and it'll turn out fine. Once you have the ingredients mixed, you want to place some inside the turkey. Some people use a spoon, and some use their bare hands. Just stay clear of the people that use their bare hands and keep their hand in that turkey's butt for an extended period, all-the-while smiling with a glazed look over their face. Once you have all the stuffing inside the bird, just bake according to directions. You will have to bake a little longer versus the unstuffed bird, as there is more to bake. :)

Sorry... I just couldn't resist!

This site has a wealth of information and some awesome artists on board. Visit the links, the WASCO site, and the archives. We've come a long way, Baby! :) ...RickJ

J.W Elwood?

This response submitted by Larry on 10/18/01. ( )

Was'nt he one of the Blues Brothers?


This response submitted by Kent on 10/18/01. ( )

Now I really know I've been away from this sight toooo long.
Guess I've got some major reading to catch up on. It's good to see that some things haven't changed. Feels good to be back! Have a great day !

First of all.....Brad.......

This response submitted by Leanna on 10/18/01. ( )

This is a taxidermy site. If you need stuffing recipes, try

Guess you just picked up your first "pointer" eh? LOL

Lisa, pass the popcorn.........

There was only one Blue Brother

This response submitted by CUR on 10/18/01. ( )

It was a trick done with mirrors and a reverb unit..


This response submitted by KJ on 10/19/01. ( )

I ordered his books back around 1980, I was 13 or so at the time. Needless to say I was young and beleived that's how taxidermy was supposed to be done. It only took about 6 months for me to give up on it. But it has always stuck in the back of my mind. Finally this summer I decided to check back into it, man, what a difference. I would suggest you to get the WASCO catalog, and order the Breakthrough manuals, I think they will help you out. Even better, order some of the videos they sell to go along with them. I think then you will understand the difference between stuffing and mounting. By the way J.W.Elwood went out of business. I still have his lesson books, don't know why, but I do. Hey guys, any popcorn left.

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