Phone calls

Submitted by Bill K. on 10/19/01. ( )

This morning I got a very annoying call from someone in Texas trying to sell me baseball caps with my logo on them. I told them I wasn't interested and I hung-up. Then he had the gall to call me back and say "Bill are you mad at me". I didn't waste my breath and I just hung up again. Is anyone else getting that particular call? I suppose he could have got my number from anywhere but I would really like to know where he got it. Dose the NTA sell our numbers?

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I think I did

This response submitted by Michael Rowley on 10/19/01. ( )

If they are the ones who do the laser printed ball caps from Texas, then yes I have heard from them as well. They are very pushy and even arrogant to the point where they try to dictate how many of them you buy. I would have been interested in having one sent to me to sample before I buy 80 of the damn things. But they insist the smallest number they could send me was 24, and that they would be an assortment of THIER choice. They arent cheap either, at almost 8 bucks a cap. I told them that for that price, I could patronize a local vendor, could get embroidered caps with MY logo on them not the one that they wanted to design for me, and I would be able to examine one of the caps before they whipped up 6 dozen of them. They continued on about the great value of thier caps and I politely told them I wasnt interested. That didnt keep them from calling every day for the next three, at which point I asked them to take me off thier calling list, and that if I continued to be contacted about this matter, I would contact the Better Business Burea. That seems to have worked, I hope!

They got me once

This response submitted by John on 10/19/01. ( )

I bought some bumper stickers from them once they came to me with the correct address and everything.Only problem was the initials for the state was NM.That would have been fine if I lived in New Mexico but I live in Minnesota MN.Stopped payment on check before they could cash it

Hey guys!

This response submitted by CUR on 10/19/01. ( )

You guys need to turn that around to your advantage. If the guy calls back and asks, "Are you mad at me?" Tell him, "Hell yes, but I may reconsider my current attitude for, oh, say two dozen caps for free!"

Give him Cur's number, I will teach him a lesson in phone etiquette he will take to his grave.......ROFLMAO!

Phone Numbers

This response submitted by NTAHQ on 10/19/01. ( )

and addresses are provided in NTA Annual Reports each year for NTA members only. However, anyone can go to Yellow and obtain phone numbers from around the U.S. If any of you have caller ID and obtain information on the caller please forward to NTAHQ.

Bill K

This response submitted by Leanna on 10/19/01. ( )

Next time you get one of their phone calls, tell them in a sloppy voice, "I have a new puppy." or "My dad gets drunk alot" or "Do you sell baseball cards?" They usually cut it off short and never call back.

All I do....

This response submitted by Lisa on 10/19/01. ( )

Is just say two words.....they hang up on me....go figure?

Lead Them On

This response submitted by Old Fart on 10/19/01. ( )

I kept the guy on the phone for 45 minutes, about four or five years ago, asking all sorts of questions about their product. When I told him I didn't want any, he got really p...ed off. But he never called again.

I've had them

This response submitted by trappersteph on 10/19/01. ( )

Yeah I have had the baseball cap, the bumpersticker and the pen people call and bug me.Yes the one in Texas included,very pushy and rude.I get the credit card calls alot too, if I said yes to all of them I'd have about 1000 credit cards, sheesh...

I've had tanners call me too trying to get me to send a skin to them and so on.I get sample latex gloves in the mail every so often, and scalpel deal leaflets.For a while I had harrassing phone calls from who knows who ( caller id showed as "unavailable").It was a woman's voice, recorded I'm sure and would say "oh I'm sorry I dailed the wrong number" then hang up.I stopped answering the phone a good while,screening calls and it stopped after a bit. I called it the "peta woman" calls. Ph company wouldn't do anything like trace who it was, and since no threat was given, no reason to go to the police over it.

Offers have been made through snail mail

This response submitted by John C on 10/25/01. ( )

Some NTA member has been using the NTA membership list to send out flyers. The address even contains the LT for lifetime member.

As for the fly be phone ad logo people deal only with the folks you know.

Privacy Plus

This response submitted by Nancy M on 10/25/01. ( )

About 2 years ago I got so sick of telephone solicitors that I signed up for Privacy Plus. It is linked with the caller ID system and automatically blocks all "unavailable" calls unless they leave their name on a recording. I can listen to the name and reject those I don't like. It TOTALLY stops computer calls.
To me, it is worth the money. I don't know if it's available everywhere, but it could be worth checking into.

Nancy M.

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