HELP : Trophy Mount System

Submitted by David on 10/20/01. ( )

I am in hope someone out there can help me locate a copy or help me
contact the people that sell's this program !

I downloaded their demo off the net, I really liked it . I spent a
day loading data in it pose , action , prices , etc. . I have entered
10 Customers in it , now it said ( Your 10 Customer Demo is Full ).

This company is in the latest issue of Breakthrough on page 123.
I have e-mailed them 2 times with no response and called them twice
leaving a message with no return call . If they are not in bussiness
I was hopeing I could find a copy somewhere . If they are in bussiness
I'm begining to wonder about doing bussiness with them.


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Yes, they are in business and we have been happy w/ them

This response submitted by Amy Hugon on 10/21/01. ( )

Dear David,

We have used TMS for the last two years and have been very pleased. Todd has always been willing to include our requests in his updates. In fact, he just came out with a new update with new features.
I would have to assume he's on vacation or something -- he has always gotten back to me promptly when I had a question. The email I have is

Sincerely, Amy Hugon

Trophy Mount System is HERE

This response submitted by Todd on 10/22/01. ( )

Hello David,

I am so glad to hear that you really like our product!
The demo 1.16 version is fully functional but does have
the 10 customer limitation. The limitation is there so
that you can learn all the different parts of the program
without it timing out on you before you purchase the full
production version. If you really like the 1.16 demo version,
you will love the latest 2.05 version which is more powerful,
yet simpler to use.

Willamette PC Services is here to help. Our e-mail system is
monitored every day. Unfortunately, we have not received an
e-mail from your e-mail address. What e-mail address did you use?
Our e-mail address is The
preferred method of correspondence is e-mail, where we can answer
your questions in a detailed manner. Regarding your phone response
problem, a message from a "David" was left on our phone message
system Friday (Oct. 19th), which was returned later that afternoon.
There was no answer, so a message was left. That is the only time
in the recent past that a "David" has called according to our
customer log.

Sorry for the communication difficulties you are having, but let
me assure you that we are in business and are eager to serve you.

Todd Neuschwanger
Willamette PC Services

Glad to Hear From You

This response submitted by David on 10/22/01. ( )

I did recevie a message on my answering machine 10-22-01 at 5:30 pm
thanks. I do want a copy of TMS. I used the e-mail add. on your net
page for Questions , I guess something got messed up somewhere but I did do it twice.Anyway my question was, is this bought 2.05 copy going to load with the demo version or am I going to have to reload my poses,action,prices,ETC.Is 169.00 the correct price
I will be calling to order !

What are your bussiness hours. THANKS : David

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