Rug Maker?

Submitted by Joanna on 10/23/01. ( )

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows if BJ's Rugmaking is still in business? She was located in High Ridge, MO. I have a couple of bear and an alligator to have done. If she's gone, does anyone know someone else that is good? Any help would be great. Thanks, Joanna

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Northern Pines Taxidermy

This response submitted by Dave at VanDyke's Supply on 10/23/01. ( )

Hello Joanna,
If you person is no longer available, go to Northern Pines Taxidermy/Wholesale Rugging.
Steve DeVaney does some of the very best rug work I have seen and has an excelent reputation.
They are located out of my home state, Howard City, Michigan.
Their phone# is (231)-937-4696

Check out their web site at

Have a great day,


This response submitted by Bill on 10/23/01. ( )

Yes , Betty Jackson is still operating full blast. She does
super work.

BJ's the best

This response submitted by JL on 10/23/01. ( )

Yes BJ is still in business and the only ones I trust with my rug work.Everything is stitched and no hot glue. Super craftsmanship. Good luck....JL

Northern Pines

This response submitted by Len on 10/23/01. ( )

Hi Joanna,
I have never tried BJ's, but Northern Pines does excellant work.


This response submitted by Aaron on 10/24/01. ( )

Just got 3 bears back from BJs the rugging was nice but they didnt stretch them much if any. I too am looking for a new rugger.


This response submitted by JimTucker on 10/24/01. ( )

would THEY stretch them? I mount my heads AND stretch my rugs BEFORE sending them. I would not expect the rugger to do it.

Almost forgot.

This response submitted by JimTucker on 10/24/01. ( )

BJ's does a GREAT job. NP has had good reviews, but I never used them.


This response submitted by Joanna on 10/25/01. ( )

Just wanted to thank everyone for the help. You guys are great!

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