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Neither one

This response submitted by Bob Wendt on 10/25/01. ( )

This is not a vote or a judgement for either party in any way. The facts are it makes no difference as no one is going to sue anyone as the cost of attorneys exceeds the amount of money in dispute. Also the courts could care less about pictures,slander etc and even if either got a judgement it would be un-enforcible. I mean the courts cant even make ex daddys pat child support so basically whichever party has been shafted, well you just got shafted. Dont compound the loss by wasting more money on attorneys that are rubbing their greedy little hands thinking how much can we squeeze out of these two before they run out of money. Cathy and Dean, I have had children sick and dying and that is real trouble and lost hides or revenue is just part of life. My advice for what tiny little it is worth shake hands and just let it go, just let it go remain sane and put these things in perspective. The last perfect person died about 2,000 years ago and nobody is all bad either. We are all just humans trying to get by in this world best we can. You are probably both pretty nice people when you are not backed into a corner.


This response submitted by Dan Hudzik on 10/25/01. ( )

I must say that Bob got it right. Now I will post something and this isn't wht one would call riding the fence, this is what one should call COMMON SENSE. Now by not showing favortism to either person, I feel like Bob hit it on the head when he said, "You are probably both pretty nice people when you are not backed into a corner". I know this to be true. Just glad to see some closure. Good Luck to both of you Dean and Cathy. Dan Hudzik

How to

This response submitted by Toad on 10/25/01. ( )

cast a vote. I do noses and fish and such but do not know how to cast a vote. Please help as I would like my education to be complete.

Mr Wendt

This response submitted by Marc R on 10/25/01. ( )

I have been quietly sitting in the background while these two have been at each others throats, Bob's posting is the first thing I've read that finally says something worth listening to. God bless ya Bob.


This response submitted by CUR on 10/26/01. ( )

Casting votes is easy. Except in Florida, I suppose. Personally, I use the lost Noxema method which has replaced the lost-hand bronze casting approach. Cook County, Illinois, used the replica and dead person vote casting method to elect John F. Kennedy in 1960. That method has been replaced by the bus people to polling locations and the new dollar-to-outstretched-hand method in many areas. The "promise-of-free-government-$hit" technique seems to work well in urban areas, expecially on the east and west coasts.

An alternate method which has long been employed to cast one's lot works well also. (This is not to be confused with the "cast" of a stage play, but is similar to the "couch-casting" employed by major studio executives wherein it requires small input in well used molds.)

Please do not attempt to employ a Shakespearian method as implied by the statement, "The die is cast". This archaic approach will result in nebulous results, often with hazardous consequences.

I hope this clarifies the issue for you........Ribbit!

Did someone say Cast?

This response submitted by Bobbi Meyer on 10/26/01. ( )

My son broke his wrist last week....he got a cast...did we cover that kind of cast already?


This response submitted by Mark on 10/26/01. ( )

Guess I'm tired of reading about this on the forum.....think I'll just wait for the movie to come out and see how it ends. Mark

Hey Mark...

This response submitted by Bobbi Meyer on 10/27/01. ( )

The movie is due out next spring...sometime around April...guess what ...IT HAS AN ALL STAR CAST!
couldn't resist....sorry!

I cast

This response submitted by CUR on 10/27/01. ( )

A fly upon the waters....

as we used

This response submitted by michael s on 10/27/01. ( )

to say......CAST THIS...and they did.
by the way, i was told to be alert.
does any one happen to know what a lert is, or do you have any reference photos of a lert..

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