Submitted by Gerard Tessier on 10/25/01. ( )

Hi everyone,

We intend to make a new video on how to use a fleshing machine to get maximm results. Of corse we will use the Quebec Lite. The reason why I post this info, is to ask all the users of our machines to give me feed back on what was missing in our first one and what they would like me to stress in detail. It is not possible for me to feel what a bigginer experiences. This is what we would like to answer.

You may answer in this post or call me direct at :1-800-567-5080


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How many times can one guy post about the same thing?

This response submitted by The wonderer on 10/25/01. ( )


Hey wonderer!

This response submitted by Ted Befus on 10/25/01. ( )

If you haven't figured it out he is trying to get information.
He is asking anyone who uses the machine or has the first video to let
him know what should be added. Maybe that'll answer your ?

Your first Video.......................

This response submitted by Kent Palazzo on 10/26/01. ( )

................Seems to be self explaining, Although I had previous
expirence using a round knife for fleshing. The only thing that I can think of that might help out a beginner would maybe be going a little more in depth on fleshing facial features(around the eyes,lips
nose,etc.) I think you have the rest of it pretty well nailed
down. Thanks again Gerry for a good user friendly machine. I've been
more than satisfied with it. Have a great day, Kent

Hey Gerard

This response submitted by Bobbi Meyer on 10/27/01. ( )

I didn't get the video....but then again, I didn't get the flesher either....Maybe we should hold a sweepstakes drawing so I can win one!
All kidding aside, I'll most likely be contacting you to order a fleshing machine, either after I get swamped this year ( wishful thinking ) or next year early if this year promises to keep me busy. I would like all the information I could get from you on the Quebec Lite, if that's possible.

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