Cur or electric irons?

Submitted by Cur ious observer on 10/1/01. ( )

Which came first? I love Cur and his impressive base of knowledge. The only thing I wonder about is his true age.To know and have done everything he implies,he must surely be over 110 years old! Ever think of playing on jeopardy?

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110 in Human years

This response submitted by CUR on 10/1/01. ( )

I will be 61 my next birthday. The reason I have done so much is inate curiosity and the fact that all I have done, except for eight years in the military, is pursue wildlife and the wildlife arts. I never let marriage, business or other things get in my way. I had custody of my children and raised them. Today, they are my friends and my outdoor partners, and their children my students. The only way to do things is to do them. "I wish", isn't in the vocabulary.
Actually the wildlife painting and sculptures opened up a lot of doors and allowed me to do many things I might otherwise have only dreamed about.

I started playing with taxidermy at 10 and turned "pro" at 14. I managed to work in an education and an advanced degree by working hard and going to night school to finish. As I have posted many times here on the forum, nothing is impossible if you want it badly enough. I worked for the gummint for a short time, until I figured out that money wasn't in the cards unless you stole it. I went into the private sector and built a financial and reputation base in the arts and then branched out from there. In 1979, I sold my business to a Japanese firm and joined with them for nearly eight years. I wound up the international CEO for the company before retiring to go back to the basics.

After leaving the Japanese, I retired on royality income and spent the time period of a non-competition clause fishing big game tournaments for Brunswick. (Having a friend who was the CEO of Sea Ray didn't hurt that position.) The motto is "keep busy".

My History page is at
My state bird collection, done in 1976 is at My latest charity art at: The newest sales site will be at soon.
Some of my museum work is on the Arkansas State Prairie Museum website.
My porcelain collection and other works by maruri is at keyword maruri......and the list goes on.....
The NWTF auctions all feature works done here in my studios in TX.

My brother once told me that he sometimes thinks I am a liar, but everytime he thinks that, some one comes up to him and says...."I was with your brother when he......etc etc.."

This isn't a defense, or a brag. It is just an example of how a dumb hillbilly kid from KY can go where he wants if he is determined enough to get there. Wildlife and the wildlife arts are the driving force in my life. I haven't found a better reason to be alive, and to that end, I have studied, worked with and portreyed wildlife by many methods in many mediums for fifty years.......And it ain't over yet!

watch it buddy

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I happen to be a KY native myself... maybe we just have the whole world fooled with the hill billy stuff lol


Older than dirt!

This response submitted by John C on 10/2/01. ( )

With Cur's great wealth of knowledge I think was on the Ark when the great flood happened, he could have been Plato or Sacrateis, maybe even the midwife when Christ was born.

While touring one of the Pyramids and the Spynx I found the initials WDG/CUR, even on the one is Mexico. Bill is the one doomed to wonder the earth till the end of time, born under the comets Mykonos that appear only to Adam and Eve, Cur is the brother not mentioned any where in the bible, why? you ask, he wonder away as a toddler and managed to survive by living with the wolves.

LOL JohnC!

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I'll have to pass that on to my biographer. Re: Electric irons. They got here slightly before me, but I remember the first steam iron!

I beat: Jets, Television, Transistors, the "New" Monopoly,Cassette tapes, Safety orange, canned drinks, Auto Air Conditioning, Electric heat, Remington 870's, Plastic shotshells, Fiberglass boats, Neophrene, Silicone caulk, Acrylics, Polyesters, FDS, tampons and carpal tunnel syndrome, to list a few, but the electric iron was around when I was born.

And John, being a good southern boy those were Red Wolves. Just want to set the story straight...........

Bow to the master.

This response submitted by John C on 10/3/01. ( )

Na man dey be crossed with the Irish setter.

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