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Submitted by Kim Owens on 10/1/01. ( creativecritters@cs.com )

Greetings to all! A couple of things on my mind tonight so bare with me-1st on my mind is my niece, Rachael, who last week I asked for those that could to write their representatives about a new drug we were waiting for approval on- she begins the new treatments tomorrow- so- Thank you to all who did what they could! Which, brings me to a new subject- UNITY. What is unity to you? Is it writing some politicians hoping to make a change for someone who is ill that you don't know? Is it donating to the Red Cross to help families you don't know but know that they desperately need your help? Is is picking up a man that you don't know after he has been badly burned in a fire in the biggest act of evil our country has ever experienced? Or is it going to a family reunion and re-establishing the family ties that you know will make a difference in your future?
I have received several emails and letters lately concerning the new laws that have been implemented against our industry. I must say- most of you are livid! And I am too. What are you going to do? Have your hunting magazines let you know about this? What about your DU memberships? Have you received a mass mail from them? How about the NTA(trappers association)? I didn't receive anything from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, or the National Turkey Federation- did you? If the NTA has your email address- you did- and if you frequent this forum- they informed you also. As I consider all the turmoil in my country- I am thankful for the NTA and the information they pass my direction. UNITY- there are those out there that have said- "I will belong to the NTA if I want to- they can't make me do anything". I ask you to rethink your position- consider all you have done and thought in the past 3 weeks. I ask you to think about where our nation is headed and the job that is in front of us. I ask you to look at each article that is posted by the NTA on this forum and look at it as a gift- because it is posted to help you- the taxidermist of America- whether you are a member or not- for your benefit. Don't you think it's time we all became UNITED? Love to all- and God Bless America!

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This response submitted by CUR on 10/2/01. ( WILDART@prodigy.net )

The NWTF and DU and the RMEF, Trout Unlimited and all the other conservation and propagation organizations do not mention these changes because it is not within their scope and mission by definition.

I am a Gold Life member of the NWTF and am a committee and life member of DU. Where the NWTF is concerned, the latest edition of "Turkey Call" the magazine of the Turkey Federation, carried an article entitled "preserving the right to hunt". The NWTF just awarded $100,000.00 to the Wildlife Legislative Fund of America which is an outspoken activist group for hunters. In June, the Federation gave $250,000.00 as the first of four annual installments for a one million donation to the Hunting and Shooting sports Heritage Fund.
The NWTF is constantly involved with groups which lobby to protect our rights. New laws and legislative proposals which may impact our hunting and shooting rights are posted, reviewed and discussed monthly in both the DU magazine and the NWTF. Both magazines are mailed to more than 650,000 members and additional mailings to subscriptions and non-members. If that isn't mass mailing, what is?

I don't believe it dignified or proper to blame conservation groups for their lack of interest in industry specific laws and rulings. As a 40+ year member of DU and a founding member of the NWTF, I know well the nature of involvement of both organizations in our sportsmen causes. DU may have it's drawbacks, but it has done immense good where our continental waterfowl resources are concerned. The NWTF is without peer where accomplishment of mission is concerned. Trout Unlimited and the Issac Walton League have accomplished major gains in the restoration of native stream fish habitat.

Each of these organizations keep their members informed of laws and pending legislation that may have impact on the recreational outdoor sports. It is proper and fitting that the NTA notify its members of changes which have import to its membership. Did the NTA notify you of the donation of $2,000,000.00 by DU for additional waterfowl surveys? How about the release of turkeys into the Bitteroot Valley this year? The NWTF's recent Great Plains Riparian Initiative probably went un-noticed too, didn't it?

Please remember that we need these conservation organizations and each is a leg in the stool that supports our hunting and shooting sports. Bashing one is to bash all. None can stand alone. I applaud the NTA for it's efforts, but that doesn't make it a better organization than any other, it just means that they are head up and fulfilling the mission.

My point- exactlty

This response submitted by Kim Owens on 10/2/01. ( )

Cur- the difference is- we are taxidermist- the NTA deals with taxidermy issues, among others. As taxidermist- it is important that we belong to an organization that has our taxidermy interests in mind. If there was no NTA- how long do you think it would take for us to unite together to let the govenment know how we feel about the overseas skins issues we are now franticly trying to reverse? Probably longer than the 17 days it now has been since this was inacted and probably too long to even attempt a reversal. And- I was not being undignified in my statements. My point was this- I have talked to taxidermists all over the country and many have said that they belong to this organization and that one and maybe a couple more, but they can not afford to be a member of the NTA because of the dues for the others they belong to. I understand that- I can not afford to belong to every club or organization I would like to- but there is one organization that I can not afford not to be a member of- that is the NTA. Why? because they are looking out for me and my interest. I did not write the above post to make anyone angry. I wrote it because this matter is important to my lifestyle and many others that make a living off of taxidermy. It just makes common sense to belong to an organization that supports me and my interests. I am not bashing anyone or any organization- I appreciate all that they do to defend our rights as sportsman. It just so happens that the NTA and the Conservation Force do more for me and my business than any of the others. All are good- all are important- just some more than others for me.

Thank You Cur

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 10/3/01. ( arlcape@bright.net )

Very well put. NWTF is a great supporter of WLFA, and as a WLFA member I really respect NWTF for that. They are doing exactly what we need, supporting a group that already has a strong network in place, and has for years, watching out for ALL sportsman.

The bulk of the outdoor groups do support WLFA as their voice in the political arena, there's a word for that......... oh yea, UNITY!

I talked to WLFA yesterday, and they were as confused about this as everyone else has been, but they are going to check with their Washington office (no need to fly anybody there) and see what they can figure out.

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