when to refreeze

Submitted by dopey on 10/2/01. ( r.philippo@12move.nl )

I got a lot of small mammals in my shop. So I like to start with another plan concerning skinning and tanning. Sofar I skinned one annimal and throw it in the auto-tanner.After two hours flesh it with a bird flesher and in the auto-tanner again. Now I want to start skinning them all in one day and tan them all the next day. What is the best procedure for this.
skinning and refreeze?
skinning and 2 hours in the auto-tanner and refreeze?
skinning and leave them in the auto-tanner overnight?
or not refreezing at all and keep it the way I do it now
Please keep in mind that I can,t dry-salt because of the high humidity overhere.
And I use the tanner as a speed pickler.
Furthermore thanks to al you ,,regulars,, for answering all our questions.


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This response submitted by CUR on 10/2/01. ( WILDART@prodigy.net )

My money would be on using Borax and refrigeration if only for an overnight application. I would skin, defat and remove heavy tissue from the skins and sprinkle with borax, roll up flesh side in and Wrap loosely in butcher's paper or wax paper for overnight storage in a cool area or in a refrigerator overnight. The borax will absorb some of the water from the skins, and prevent any further post-mortem breakdown. Rinsing the borax away with water should put you right back where you were the day before with regard to the skin. I am not experienced with auto tanners, so I can't help you there.

I would skin three and tan three.

This response submitted by John C on 10/2/01. ( )

I also like doing them in batches, but I also will not leave a small mammal out of the tan very long. Get one skinned and put it in the tanner in the solution, skin the next and so on, I have never had one slip doing this and it includes fox, yotes, bobcats and badgers.

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