old WASCO cover art

Submitted by Tom S. on 10/29/01. ( tjs11@cornell.edu )

I was browsing the WASCO site and looking at their cover art from previous years and noticed the years when they had some kind of internal theft. This has peeked my interest. Can anyone share what happened. I guess I am just a nosey person, or at least that is what my wife said in her diary :-)

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Your Wife's Right

This response submitted by George on 10/29/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

Since WASCO pays for this site gratis, it's not only rude, but distasteful to ask for aired laundry here. That is history anyway and if you'd still like to know, why not email the forum administrator. His contact point is listed at the top of the page.

Ya thats it

This response submitted by Billy Boob on 10/29/01. ( )

Can I ask who made you boss maN? You are the MAN, right? Give me a break George!

Billy? You are a boob.

This response submitted by Leanna on 10/29/01. ( scardeer@cornernet.com )

Maybe some day, something more than anonimity will give you such daring courage.

I agree with George, as it was a severe lack of etiquette to ask such a thing.


This response submitted by George on 10/29/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

I'll compare my reply to a question I have for you: Did your mother have any children that lived?


This response submitted by michael s on 10/30/01. ( )

is his real name, he is from one of those small towns where everyone knows each other, and they are all related...very,very close
he has two other brothers that lived..todd and retodd, twins of course
they are of the boob clan, as they grow they get nicknames, his cousin is over 6 feet tall he is big boob and his father was even taller he is bigger boob. only a one room school house in boobville with three rooms so he only went to the third grade.

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