Great Tool

Submitted by Brandon on 10/29/01. ( )

If any of you haven't tried the tail stripping tool from WASCO you need to. i usually have trouble removing the tail bone but it just pulls right out with this thing.

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This response submitted by Regis on 10/29/01. ( ) can save your money and make one yourself with a couple of
scrap pieces of wood and some drill bits of different sizes. Another
example of the supply companies coming up with these so called
miricle tools that we just can't do without. Stand-up straight Brandon,-
quit bending over! Regis.

Hey Reg, tell it to Kathy

This response submitted by Mark C on 10/29/01. ( )

Ya know Regis, if you have that much of a problem with WASCO, maybe you should take your B.S. elsewhere or just email your coments to Brandon. WASCO has done so much for everyone who visits these forums, just by having them here. Have you ever had to pay to come to this site? Have you ever wondered what it cost's to maintain it? Bottom line is, if you don't like what WASCO does, or how they market products for their manufacturer's, go somewhere else.

Careful, now, Mark

This response submitted by LH on 10/29/01. ( )

he was just pointing out a more cost effective way of doing the same job. Simple tool to make and it works as good or better than the commercially offered equivalent. You can also use a pair of slip joint pliers by passing the tail bone through the slot between the jaws. Been doing it that way , along with every other trapper in the country, for better than twenty eyars and I can strip that hide off the tail bone on anything down to a mink or squirrel or as big as a large fox or coyote in less than two seconds, every time. Slap me if you want, but I don't recall seeing anything in Regis' post slamming WASCO or any other vendor.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 10/29/01. ( )

Im with Mark. LH, reread the post before you comment. Regis just told the guy to stop bending over and taking it, what do YOU think that means? Yeah, you go ahead and use the wood, Regis, and watch those greasy tails slip thru. Buy the WASCO tail puller, its a good product. If for no other reason then to thank them for this site we ALL use for free.

i for one

This response submitted by michael s on 10/30/01. ( )

am with bill on this. i believe the WASCO tail stripper is made of aluminum.
the wood will become rather stained and messy after a while, but the aluminum one is easy to clean and will last longer.
using the aluminum one also has greater health benefits regarding the cleaning and storage of your tools.

tail stripper

This response submitted by Leanna on 10/30/01. ( )

I use mine in the kitchen for peeling carrots....

yeah, but...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 10/30/01. ( )

...the real question is, can you flesh eyes with them? hahaha, you got us, Leanna.

Yea but, Regis would have to charge for his work if he

This response submitted by John C on 10/31/01. ( )

bought tools and those little throw away blades, but instead he spends hours making do with less than the best and truning out shoddy work.

DO the lower quality taxidermist everr wonder why other can do such good work? Looking back over the years I wonder how much money they can really save, labor verses slight expense of the new easier to use products.

Yox, John, et al

This response submitted by LH on 11/1/01. ( )

Never did I slam WASCO or anyone else that offers any product for us to use. And I certainly appreciate this site, In fact, had to run out of the shop, log on, and freshen up on how to handle a badly freezer burned mink today. The info I found in the archives got me through the job in fine shape. But, having said that, I've used tail strippers just like WASCO offers, I've used the wooden blocks, I've used my bare hands, and I've skinned out a couple thousand furbearers in the process. In my personal, albeit limited experience, I find that a pair of slip joint pliers work just as well or better FOR ME than anything commercially offered. After rereading the original post, I submit this, Hey Brandon haven't tried 'em but tried somthing exactly like it and it was really neat! Gonna have to buy myself a coupla dozen. (Don't be offended guys, I type this with a smile on my face. After all, there's always gotta be at least one smart a$$.)


This response submitted by BILL YOX on 11/1/01. ( )

I have no beef with you. I already pointed out what I meant in my last post. John, hes on his own with his comments, Ill stick with mine. By the way, I too have had sore thumbs from pulling tails over the years. Ahhh yes, those good ole days!

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