survey questions for posible clients

Submitted by gus on 10/29/01. ( )

I would like some suggestions on survey questions for potetial clients and how to target your advertising towards them

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I've thought of it myself,so. . .

This response submitted by CHUCK on 10/30/01. ( )

Gus,I have had this "survey" concept run through my mind a few times and have sort of pushed it off thinking I may not want to know what kind of answers I'd get from the surveyors.Firstly ,I'd say they would want us to speed our processes and lower our prices,both of which I for one will not agree to. I would like to know if they are satisfied with the mount that they chose-is it what they expected? Some customers of mine have no clue what kind of pose they want and ask what I would do.My answer is always "its up to you since you have to look at it for the rest of your life"so they tell me to do what I think is best .This situation is generally attached to a fish mount.As for other survey questions,I wouldn't mind knowing just how much our clients know about the general taxidermy processes we all must go through to make their trophy a lasting piece to display.I am sure we all at one time or another have had the customer ask to freezedry their deerhead or "if I let my (kids)first fish dry out in the sun can I just paint it?" Most customers are first timers and have no clue what steps are taken . I try to educate my actual and potential customers of what I do ,the parts I use ,and generalize on the tanning process.Most of the time I get "Sounds like a pain in the a$$ to me." So is laying under a car changing a muffler to save $50 thats why I don't do it and let the professional take care of that.I am all for the customer who knows what hes getting and what to look for in a mount done right(well).Hes the guy who finds a taxidermist that suits his taste and budget at the same time. As a professional in 2 fields -carpentry and taxidermy ,I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for and if you buy something pay the extra money and buy the best .After all the guy who gets his deer done for say $150(just an example,don't jump me if you're charging this price)is the same guy who puts roll roofing on his whole house just because its cheap and covers the airholes.The guy who pays over $300 for a deermount probably knows what hes looking at and I'm sure lives quite nicely in a well kept house.
I guess my point through all of this is that if you survey your customers you will find they all have different concepts of our craft/art but you may at the same time get an idea to expand your services or change your styles a bit to satisfy a larger audience-if thats what you want to know.If you get a lot of calls saying "hey ,you did a buddy of mine's deer head and I want you to do mine too"thats all the surveying you need.Why push it any farther than that. Do what you like and like what you do .Mostly have fun.

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