Breakthrough/ Taxidermy Today

Submitted by Dan Hudzik on 10/30/01. ( )

I have a question for those of you that subscribe to these magazines. Which one would you reccomend to someone that wants the best info for the money if you could choose only one? I would like to subscibe to one of them but I will not subscribe to both at this time. Have to make more money first. I was told by a local taxidermist today that she would subscribe to Taxidermy Today because you get more issues with it than Breakthrough? She said they have the same info in them basically too? Need more input than that though. Can't imagine both of them would exist if they were the same?
Thanks for any helpful input. Dan Hudzik

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Breakthrough, Hands down

This response submitted by George on 10/30/01. ( )

Like deer mounts, quantity ain't necessarily quality. Taxidermy Today is a good magazine, but they deal with new products more than they do with real hands on work. They usually have a single article, maybe two on "how too." Breakthrough, however, is ALL how too. If not the actual articles, you have question and answers on real issues. The photo work is spectacular. If you can only afford one, this is the ONLY one you'll want to save for later reference.

Right Again Geo

This response submitted by ArtH on 10/31/01. ( hursey1@SOTA-OH.COM )



This response submitted by Leanna on 10/31/01. ( )

Everything George said and more!


This response submitted by justanopinion on 10/31/01. ( )

Taxidermy Today should be called McKenzie Today


This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 10/31/01. ( )

I like both for different reasons. Breakthrough is probably my fave but TT is also good. Why NOT get both? They both are under $30 a year. Just subscribe to Breakthrough this month and TT next. Shouldn't hurt the wallet that much. I like TT every other month issue. I HATE waiting 4 months for a BT.


This response submitted by BigD aka Denton Shearin on 10/31/01. ( )

Breakthrough, absolutely the best one out there. Every time I think, there is no way they can make this magazine better. But somehow, they do. It gets better every issue!

Thank All Of YOU!

This response submitted by Dan Hudzik on 10/31/01. ( )

Thank All of you for your input and your opinnions. I have not hears to much about TT that was very positive unlike Breakthrough. Everyone that is emailing me and posting on here has overwelmingly suggested Breakthrough. Well need to place my subscription. Thanks, Dan Hudzik


This response submitted by Dan Hudzik on 11/2/01. ( )

To my surprise, when I got my mail today I had a complimentary copy of Breakthrough issue #65 in my mail box! I also had a very nice letter from Breakthrough in with the magazine. Glanced through it real quick and I like what I see! Had to get back to work. Thank you Kathy and Larry! Dan Hudzik

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