Bob Berry Tee-Shirts

Submitted by Larry and Kathy Blomquist on 10/5/01. ( )

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, Bob Berry lost his beloved wife Christine on April 7. Bob and their two sons, Matt and Brett, are doing as well as can be expected. They are still devastated. The boys are busy back in school and are around their friends, which is good for them.

Bob, however, is still trying to focus on his artwork, but his creativity has been nearly nonexistent. Christine was not only the love of Bob's life and the mother of his children, she was also his business manager. She kept his business running and took care of ordering, shipping and bills.

The recent terrorist attacks really shattered his already fragile emotional state. He had been designing some fishing-oriented tee-shirts, but those designs immediately became unimportant. During the last two weeks Bob designed three beautiful patriotic tee-shirts, which are available for ordering now.

Bob said, "I would appreciate it if you bought a shirt for yourself or a family member, but what I really need is to have you find a store, company, organization or club with enough employees to place an order.

"I'm counting on this 'friends grass roots' sales force to get this up and going, as I have no sales force, sales reps, or any way to get these out into the general public's hands. I am confident that this will work with your help."

Bob Berry was once one of the foremost fish taxidermists in the country. Now he is highly respected as one of the top fish carvers. We are buying 100 of his shirts and hope that as many as possible of you will also order from this inspiring man who has given so much to our industry.

Larry and Kathy Blomquist
Breakthrough Magazine

Hanes Beefy T, White
Short sleeves, 100% cotton, S-M-L-XL

12 to 47 shirts, $9.00 each
48 to 71 shirts, $8.75 each
72+ shirts, $8.50 each
(You may assort sizes.)

Style 9111
Features "USA" on front pocket area and
"God Bless America" with a flag design on the back.

Style 9112
Features "USA" on front pocket area and
"Born in the USA" with a flag design and on the back.

Style 9113
Features "USA" on front pocket area and
"United We Stand" with a flag design on the back.

Click here to see the designs.

Call (619) 588-7141 to order. Personal or business check confirms order. CODs okay. All orders are plus shipping. Most orders will be shipped within 10 business days.

Bob Berry
2261 Runabout Place
El Cajon, CA 92019
Telephone (619) 588-7141

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