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Submitted by marty on 10/31/01. ( )

My website is finally up and running and I would appreciate some good honest feedback on the site itself and my work. Please don't hold back. The only way I'm going to get better is from honest feedback. Email me if you prefer. I'm linked to this site through the Illinois section under "FishSpecialties". The url is www.fishspecialties.NET... And, thanks for your time.

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Looks good

This response submitted by Rich on 10/31/01. ( )

Your site looks great. I like the animated text.


This response submitted by Leanna on 10/31/01. ( )

Okay honest. Raise your prices Marty.

Looks good BUT

This response submitted by JimTucker on 10/31/01. ( )

The site was taking a while to load and I have a CABLE modem. Animations cause long download times. If a regular 56k customer was going to look at your site chances are he would give up. That is just a fact of the internet. People just don't want to wait. As of now the % of people with the faster modems is VERY low. That is the only problem I see.

Nice Site

This response submitted by Elmer on 10/31/01. ( )

Nice site Marty, it was easy to maneuver around. Some sites you go into you get pop ups bothering you. Try some scale tipping on the fish it will help you give more depth and lighten your smallmouth up and enhance the bars. But they look competitive as far as price get what you can.

Looks really great

This response submitted by Lisa on 10/31/01. ( )

Loaded fast and a nice layout. You do good work, Marty. There is just one question though, which one is the child in the photo? Sorry, I couldn't pass it


This response submitted by marty on 10/31/01. ( )

THANK YOU - THANK YOU everybody! It was a lot of work getting the site finalized and up and running but it sounds as though it was worth it. I'm just giddy!

Jim, I am a bit concerned about your comments about loading time. (But, you should've seen the version BEFORE we trimmed all the fat!) My buddy (Spyderwebdev) ran all the diagnostics and on a regular modem it should take somewhere around 20-30 seconds to load. He put a "skip intro" button in front for people that don't want to wait for the flash version. I too have a cable connection at home here and DSL at my "real job". And, I had a T1 at my previous job. I'm a bit spoiled and impatient when it comes to load times too. He (Spyderwebdev) says that it is comparable to other sites as far as load time goes. Jim, If you don't mind, could you please kill your cache/temp. internet files and try again some other time. Hopefully it was just a fluctuation in your connection and next time it will improve. Please let me know. And, anybody else too for that matter - this is definitely a major concern...

Leanna, I'm just a part-timer and I don't have the overhead that you folks do. Believe it or not, most (full-timers) folks around me are in the $6/inch range! Plus, simply put, I'm a NOBODY and am pretty much just starting out. The website is a start. Other than that, I haven't done much advertising other than word of mouth. As my "real jobs'" backlog winds down, I'm looking to take on a bit more taxidermy work here in the near future. In time the prices WILL go up. Thank you Leanna for the comment. Again, it makes me feel all fuzzy inside!

Elmer, good advice. I've been content with my smallies but am looking to improve upon them as they really don't stand out as much as I would like. Sometimes one gets too deep in the forrest to see the trees. This is the kind of honest feedback that motivates me to try something different - thanks!

Thanks Rich for the nice comments too. I'm a bit anal and the site went through MANY iterations before the final product (driving my buddy nuts too!) I provided the basic design but my buddy did all the actual work and he also reorganized a lot of my "fluff" into a logical, workable website. Kudos to Spyderwebdev...

Thank you everybody. I'm (obviously) very proud of the website and your positive feedback just feels good! Also, the site gives me the opportunity for you folks to see and critique my work. And we all know we as taxidermists are our own worst critics. Keep the comments coming whether positive or negative, it is much appreciated - THANK YOU ALL!

Great job Marty

This response submitted by Bill K. on 10/31/01. ( )

Want to do mine for me?

Looks good!

This response submitted by Mike on 11/1/01. ( )

Marty, Your site looks good. You have a great name for your business. Check out my site under Idaho Taxidermists. It's called, you guessed it. Fish Specialties! Good luck with your business, hope you do great.I myself have not been impressed with the web experience and response.

Looks Good

This response submitted by Richard on 11/1/01. ( )

The fish look good , in fact they are better than most 10.00 + 12.00 dollar fish in my area. Leanna is correct raise the price now or you will forever pay the price for not doing so .
The only thing that jumps out at me is shrinkage in the head areas.
Rebuild or cast your oun heads.
I know you said you can't charge any more than you do and i belive you , but i would like you to figuere out your hourly wage on your fish mounts and let us know the honest number you came to. The wage would be figuered after supplies and overhead are deducted from the price of each fish.

Me again...

This response submitted by marty on 11/1/01. ( )

Bill, contact my buddy, Roger at Spyderwebdev (link in my site). He is just starting out and nows the time to jump on the wagon!

Richard, thanks for your candor. Currently I do not spend very much time rebuilding areas in the head. This is one area of commercial taxidermy that I feel doesn't give you a lot of bang for the buck. In fact, I feel this is one area that if not done properly it can look worse than if left alone. Cur has also critiqued a fish or two of mine in the past and I think there's some minor anatomical mistakes in some of my head junctures too. I think you folks are being a bit gentle with me - lol! And, you're right Richard. I spend WAY too much time on my fish for what I'm charging. I'm sure I'm only at about $6 or $7 dollars an hour! OUCH HUH? I love doing taxidermy though. IF I ever were to have to depend on it's income for my family's livelihood then I'd definitely be pushing those prices up real quick. You guys got me thinking though!


This response submitted by marty on 11/1/01. ( )

What do you mean? There's two children in that picture - ha! BTW, we had a tough time with the pheasants this past Saturday. Had to work for our birds and it was warm. (Although I do think I lost a few pounds!) Duck Hunting on Sunday went much better. Thanks again for the feedback and the nice words...

Marty, no problem.....

This response submitted by Lisa on 11/1/01. ( )

You were not the only one that had to work for those birds, it's a tough year. Look on the bright side, you got out and away from those tall buildings! That's gotta keep anyones heart young, right?

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