It has started already.............

Submitted by CUR on 10/7/01. ( )

I ain't talking about the war, I am talking about the peace and anti-war demonstrations. Well right here and now, this Vietnam Vet is declaring Jihad on the peaceniks. You caused me enough trouble in the sixties. I was thousands of miles away and fighting to stay alive while you thumb-suckers and the super bitch called Fonda split our nation and weakened our resolve to no good end, either for our nation or the Vietnamese people.

Now, I am here, on this turf, and I want to say that while I have done my duty and served my country, I have yet begun to whup on your arses. I declare to all those who cringe and cry: "Don't get in front of my car, on my street or in my face." The men women and children who died at the hands of terrorists cannot be desecrated by mindless actions that give hope and comfort to an enemy force. The terrorists and those who would provide them refuge are not worth the life of one American soldier or civilian, but Liberty and Freedom are worth the lives of many if those standards are to survive.

With the Lord as my witness, I intend to support my Flag, my Government, my President and our Armed Forces until this is over. The Lord help the first bastard I catch burning an American Flag or defiling a symbol or slurring our military. I am declaring war on the peace protestors, here and now! Right now I am looking for a good, used D-9 Caterpillar to flatten those demonstrators.

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This response submitted by gordon c. on 10/7/01. ( )

I see your point. They upset me as well. But please don't cross the line for them. They are the same groups that are anti anything/everything. God bless you Bill and God bless America. When you have cooled down, maybe you can help this canadian with his "taxidermy print add problem" posting below.

AMEN, your either with us, or against us

This response submitted by Randal R. Waites on 10/7/01. ( )

I was close, but I was to young to be in that war Cur, but I detest these wimpy BASTARDS that call out for peace. I hope to see the looks on their face, when the terrorist strike close to them. They will then grow up real fast. But if they are spared that, they will surely grow old detesting what they did. rw

you think it's bad there?

This response submitted by artabuse on 10/7/01. ( )

Try living here in the anti-american capitol of the world, San Francisco. Turns my stomach...

Right on Cur!

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 10/8/01. ( )

Although I wasn't old enough for the draft (graduated in 1975 from high school) I remember all too well all those losers. They claimed they were against the war, but most of them just wanted to save their skin. How Noble! Drugs were rampid among that crowd too which didn't impress me much. The sad part is we could have won that war (we were winning) if the military could have just done what it wanted. However, with all the protesters and politicians involved it was a hard way to go.

The kids protesting now don't even know what a real war is. What a joke. I say lets have consription and clean up their sorry asses.

On a funny note. During Vietnam my dad was in Special Forces and when he wasn't in Vietnam or Cambodia he sometimes had guard duty outside of our Army Post (Ft. Devens). One common tactic of the protesters was to have young children in their arms to prevent the use of teargas or whatever. One women came up to one of the soldiers and said, "That gun really isn't loaded is it?" He replied, "Try me bitch."

I still say if you can't support your country then leave!



This response submitted by steve on 10/9/01. ( )

I too agree with you.... but remember, many Americans died to preseve those freedoms the protesters now enjoy. They're hypocrits and 99% of the American population don't agree with their views. In many ways they're just like the terrorists, attempting to impose their will and beliefs on others. As long as they don't attempt to do it with force they have their right of opinion even though I don't agree with it.

Thats the bad of it all

This response submitted by Elmer on 10/9/01. ( )

Well I was wondering how long it would take for someone to say taht this country is made to protect their right ti disagree. Well believe me I would be the first one to say it becuse I protected their dumb butts for 23 1/2 years to do just that. Seeing some of those fools singing and their youngsters protesting just turns my stomach they wouldn't fight if a terorist would camp out next door to them and shoot each one in their family one at a time. I agree with the above they are either with us opr against us so why don't they just go on over and let the Taliban and other terrorist listen to them. I know it is the medias way but if I was a media mogul I wouldn't allow any of my stations show their faces on any TV. Period.


This response submitted by Art on 10/9/01. ( )

I cannot even imagine the anger you must feel from those
coward 'peaceniks'
I am Canadian and it burns my ass beyond belief when one of our
RETARDED NDP Politicians starts shooting off thier mouths
and bitching about us sending ships and troops, so I can't even imagine
how a war vet like you must feel.
'F' them all and keep the missiles flying!

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