What's the latest on international skins

Submitted by Randy C. on 10/9/01. ( curtisir@uci.net )

What is the latest info on restrictions by the USDA? on the recipt of skins, horns and skulls from other countries? Is the NTA watching this closley?

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This response submitted by George on 10/10/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

The NTA again highlights that they are the ONLY organization doing the looking. Those individuals and organizations who refused to let anyone tell them what to do haven't been too visible in protected all of our rights though, have they? Just one more reason every professional taxidermist and anyone concerned with the industry should be an NTA member. Call your regional NTA Board member and they will gladly forward up to date information to any member.

Not really looking for an NTA sales pitch

This response submitted by Randy C. on 10/10/01. ( curtisir@uci.net )

I was really hoping that someone out there who is up to speed on this issue, NTA or not, would be willing to SHARE their knowledge. Is this forum for sharing of information? To some I guess not it's just another chance to get in a pointed sales pitch about the NTA. The NTA has personally done me some good things and has done some bad things. Since I live out west I have not been well represented by the NTA but still have been a member for many years until latley when they did some things that were policically motivated that hurt me bad. I do not really want to get into a scuffel about the NTA right now because that could go on and on.

The real issue to me, importation of raw skins from overseas.
If George does not want to SHARE his info is there anyone out there who will, NTA or not, Or is this info that effects taxidermists all around the world, strictly limited to NTA members?

You still don't get it Randy

This response submitted by George on 10/10/01. ( )

The NTA did all the legwork because it was the right thing to do and there was no one else to do it. I find it hard to believe an organization can "right" or "wrong" and individual since most are based on the "common good". Even Boy Scouts have members who are active and those who are only reactive. I sense that in any organization, right or wrong is simply perception. The NTA will continue to work with the USDA under the Conservation Force and will doubtlessly supply ALL taxidermists with pertinent information (again, because it's the right thing to do), but anyone could have individually contacted the USDA and found out, drawn a petition, sat in hearings and argued the common sense approach and impact on industry. But "anyone" didn't show up. The NTA did. Notice, I never said I or any NTA member wouldn't share anything. I said for "up to the minute" information, NTA members had to simply contact their representatives. I hope you realize that the action that was taken and continues to be taken is being funded by individuals who have literally paid their dues and they get no greater benefit that those sitting at the table eating free.

For Now...

This response submitted by NTAHQ on 10/11/01. ( Ntahq@aol.com )

The NTA with the help of John Jackson and Conservation Force are in the processing of completing a "draft" comment on behalf of the NTA. This joint comment is being written with the National Taxidermists Association, Dallas Safari Club, Houston Safari Club, and African Safari Club of Florida.

When there is more information we will provide this. The object was to swing into action as quickly as possibly anytime an issue that could effect our industry is listed on the FR. Comments from NTA members are being mailed in and submitted to to APHIS as we type this. Be assured that more details will be forthcoming as they are made available to us.

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