Buckeye Mannikin Customers

Submitted by Heath Cline on 12/4/01. ( heath6799@yahoo.com )

Being a Buckeye Mannikin employee,now past employee, I wanted to say " Thank You " to everyone we have done business with! I know all of this really stinks for everybody and I am sorry to see this happen also. Not that I have anything against McKenzie but I am now out of a job that I truly loved and took pride in.
I think the thing I will miss the most is talking to all of you on the phone when you called Buckeye and seeing everyone at the shows across the country. Because I made some really good friends in this industry! Atleast for now, maybe I will have time to get some of my own mounts done. LOL
One last thing, if any one has questions or needs anything that I can help with, please feel free to email or post something here. I check the forums atleast twice a day. Thanks Again very much for the great support you gave us at Buckeye Mannikins.....Heath

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Thank YOU

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 12/4/01. ( )

and all the other "employees"of Buckeye Mannikin for the years of service you gave us. I am going to miss chatting with you guys when I came out to pick up my orders. Heath don't be a stranger, keep coming to the PTO show!

Thanks Buckeye

This response submitted by Jamie on 12/4/01. ( )

Being only 30 miles from Buckeye Manikins made it easy for me to get materials and to talk to the people that worked there. It shure was a pleasure getting to know you all and good luck in your future plans.... But I have to tell you that when i called the 1 800 number that i have done for the past 6 years and someone from McKenzie was on the other line, i was shocked... I have been a customer for 6 years, and Buckeye Manikins could not even send me a letter about being bought out or thanks for the money i have sent them over the years. Nothing. That makes me feel a little betrayed.... They were like family to me.... I guess it boils down to one thing, and one thing only...... Show Buckeye Manikins the money,, and they will show you someone that cares very little about the customers that made them what they WERE......... But i dont blame Buckeye..... There is not a company in the world today that gives a damn about who they employ or their customers... Thanks Buckey..... Sad to see you go this way.... No

an Icon

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 12/4/01. ( )

I will always regard Buckeye manikins as an icon in taxidermy. You folks did os much to revolutionize whitetail and bear mounting not to mention bears and turkeys. Thanks for all that you folks have done for me and this industry. A special prayer will go out of the Toms' house tonight for each of the staff. I hope each of you find hapiness doing what you love.


jamie, sorry no notice

This response submitted by Heath on 12/4/01. ( heath6799@yahoo.com )

Jamie, We are sorry that we couldn't give any notice. Please understand that we were under an confidentality ( sorry about spelling ) clause in the contract that we couldn't tell anyone. Iy is the same one as rayline and the other supply companies were bound to.
And we killed us not being able to tell our faithful customers but that is how this type of transaction goes. So again I tell you we are truly sorry about this>

Enjoyed doing business with Buckeye

This response submitted by Kenneth on 12/4/01. ( bauman@caddoelectric.net )

Buckeye was always one of my favorite companies to deal with. I knew a few of you guys and you all were great assets to the trade of taxidermy. What will happen with the various employees of Buckeye? Will some work for McKenzie, similar to the role Tom Powell took? Anyway, good luck and I hope the best for you and my friends at Buckeye.


This response submitted by Mike Rohanna on 12/5/01. ( rohanna@greenepa.net )

....for the awesome products ,great service, and all that you have done for the taxidermy industry. When I started into taxidermy about 4 years ago, I used a buckeye form. I have since tried a few other companies, but nothing compares to a buckeye. I got my first blue ribbon with a buckeye and hope that the last mount I do will be on a buckeye form! I dont know all of the employees personally, but I hope that everything works out with each of you. For those of you who havent had the pleasure of dealing with these guys, I think the most amazing thing was how personable, down to earth, and just plain friendly they always were. Take Care and God Bless

Start Over?

This response submitted by J Davies on 12/5/01. ( )

I'm sure the former owners of Buckeye had to sign an agreement not to reopen a supply house for a number of years. Too bad that the former employee's couldn't start a new business and hire the former management team on.... I would buy from them.
Thanks for all the help Buckeye.

For Your Information

This response submitted by Kathy on 12/7/01. ( )

Hilton"Pedro"Eppley Jr. lost his job at Buckeye after 18 years and would like to make it known he had nothing to do with the sale of this company. He was only an employee and loved his work as their sculptor.He enjoyed talking and visiting with all the taxidermist's. WILL HILTON CONTINUE TO SCULPT? BE PREPARED TAXIDERMIST'S FOR THE NEXT GENERATION!


This response submitted by eddie bettencourt on 12/31/01. ( SknNstf@aol )

i was shocked when i called buckeye and McKenzie answered the phone. they told me cary was going to stay on with them but, the tone of the young lady on the phone left me to believe he won't be around long. i am fairly new to taxidermy and i have looked forward to talking with cary. he has helped me tremendously. every time i see him he has given me instruction that most people of hs stature wouldn't give without a sizeable fee. it'll be a shame to not have him attend our convention.

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