Making a Freeze Dryer?

Submitted by walt on 1/30/02. ( )

Does anyone know how to make a freeze dryer. Any plans, or help will be greatly appreaciated.



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Freeze drier

This response submitted by George on 1/30/02. ( )

Walt, the reason no one's jumped on this is because it is pure T dumb as dirt to worry about "making" a freeze drier. The process is simple chemistry and physics, but the mechanical part is a lot trickier. Why do you think that the good ones START at $10,000. It would be easier to find information on building an atomic bomb.

yes George, but...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/31/02. ( )

...bombing those turkey heads and velvet antlers would be messy!


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/31/02. ( )

Walt, you cant even follow Ken's rules for multiple posts, and you think you can tackle building a freeze dryer? Lets take it one small step at a time.

Can't read

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 1/31/02. ( )

We're the ones that can't read so if I post it 30 times somebody can put the puzzle together I guess. Damm where's mu gloogles mow

Oh that was humorous!

This response submitted by Leanna on 1/31/02. ( )

Bill, that was good! And George, I got some blue prints to them atomic bomb things layin round here somewhere, IF you need some. Rig em just right, they'll do the freeze drying for you.

keep blasting jerks

This response submitted by what is your problem on 1/31/02. ( )

no sense even trying to answer the question. We 1st got mr Iam great smell me, then we have MR Grouch himself. And last but not least we have the Queen! Hey folks now hear this it just don't get better then this!
Oh and Walt, check with a guy named Joe Kulis from Ohio. If I find his email I will let you know.

One Small Step At a Time

This response submitted by Leanna on 2/1/02. ( )

George? Bill? I think we were just made into a new "clique"! lol

Okay, now to answer "what is your problem" on being a jerk and blasting people. Since none of us know how to build an atomic bomb OR freeze dryer, but DO know it'd take more brains combined then our new clique has, we merely made a crack at lightening the load and labled it humor. Granted it was maybe only humorous to US, but so be it. You and Walt and whoever else feels so moved, can at any time join in. If you havn't been around here long enough yet to realize we have fun with one another on here, and are quite informal as well as to the point, I encourage you to stick around and lighten up. You might even find some enjoyment.

I am curious about one thing though, Bill, if you are so great, why do we have to smell you? I think I'll pass on that...and to set the record straight, were you Mr. what is your problem, calling George a queen and me a grouch?! lol More sick humor, I be-ith cursed I be.

Use Ken's Search option

This response submitted by PA on 2/1/02. ( )

There are only two places I was able to find info here on the building of Freeze Dry machine.

Use the Google search and type in " build freeze dry "
and the first page gives 2 posts that are relavant.

no, Leanna, you queen, you...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 2/1/02. ( )

The simple person that posted that about us said that 1st came 'Im great smell me', THEN the grouch. So I guess George is the smeller, Im the grouch. Either way, the one who posted that is a sharp one. Yeah, go right ahead and call Joe Kulis and ask him how to build a freeze dryer. "Ah, MrKulis, aaahh, instead of me paying you to freeze dry something for me, will you just, like, give me step by step directions so I can build my own freeze dryer, because Im gonna save tons of money, and besides, I dont take kidding and humor very well". Oh yeah, THAT will work. I dunno, I just dont feel real bad kidding with Walt, Leanna and George over this, ya know? Walt didnt seem to mind, either...

Walt, an answer to your post

This response submitted by Scott Humble on 2/1/02. ( )

Walt, While the responses here were somewhat humerous, I don't think that you really got an answer to your question. To make a freezdryer you will need a pressure chamber, a vaccuum pump, an air dryer, and some way to keep things frozen. You will also need to figure out how to make these devices work together to optimize the freeze dryers performance. A few years ago I got my hands on a vaccuum pump and some research papers published by the smithsonian. I did a little experimenting to see what it would take to put a functioning freezdryer together. I'm a Mechanical Engineer by profession and priced up what it would cost to put one together. Bottom line, freeze dryers are expensive because the components needed to make one are expensive. Taxidermists are not the only people that use freeze dryers. And I can't believe that the profits manufacturers make on them are that un-realistic. If you really want one save your money and buy one.

I built my freeze dryer.

This response submitted by John on 2/5/02. ( )

I built my freezedryer base on the plans of Virginia taxidermist D. Newcomb. It works well. Cost me less that $400. I have his contact info

Thank you all....

This response submitted by Walt on 2/7/02. ( )

I want to thank all of you for your help. Specially those of you that sent
private emails. I did not ask this to stirr trouble. And I did not post in other
categories to break a rule. My appologie. My intent was to gain knowledge. I understand
the hummor and roll with the punches.

again, thank you all.



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