Submitted by Bonnie Z on 3/22/02. ( )

Ok everyone has given info on where to buy latex/nitrile gloves; great information! Now; how about insulin syringes? Does anybody know where to get them bulk and a decent price?

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walgreens sales them

This response submitted by mark on 3/22/02. ( )

walgreens sales them for around .30cents each depending on the size they make you sign for them but if you dont have a habit who cares about signing a peice of paper.

Farm Fleet/Freet Farm

This response submitted by Grouseman on 3/22/02. ( )

They sell them along with different sized needles. Any place that you can buy medicine for farm animals. Also any drug store. You may get a few funny looks at the drug store when you tell them what they are for though. LOL


This response submitted by rick on 3/22/02. ( )

I live in New York,I think the only way to get them is with a presrciption.I got some when my dog had diabetes,but the vet wont write up one for taxidermy purposes.

Try California LOL

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 3/22/02. ( )

A Heroin addict can get in line and get a whole bunch for free at the government sponsered clinic, but a taxidermist has to buy them from out of state or be lucky enough to have a poor friend or relative that saves their needles for him. Go figure

Oh Oh

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 3/22/02. ( )

A friend or relative that is diabetic, Sorry

local vet clinic

This response submitted by beecharmer on 3/22/02. ( )

try the local vets office, usually they are pretty sympathetic.
also the farm supply store in the animal care section.

New York

This response submitted by Mick on 3/23/02. ( )

To bypass the need for a doctors prescription, New York state taxidermists were able to obtain a "Certificate of Need" from the nYS Dept. of Health to purchase syringes over the counter. Though I've had the certificate for a number of years, I believe that it's no longer neccessary, or at least that's what I've been told. I guess I'll find out for sure when I exaust my present supply, and go to purchase more.

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