Funny and True

Submitted by R. Curtis on 3/26/02. ( )

Just read some post here that was just plain ugly and wondered why I dont see anything funny here. Enough of the mean tempered and ulgy postings.

This is true. Many years ago when I was just begining taxidermy and quite novice at it like many here on this net. I was trying to find out how to paint a fish. I had no idea of what kind of paint to use. This was before all the poly transpars and hydromists paints and such. I went to a very big and special paint store to try and get the right paint to use for a fish I was mounting. I ask for a clerk that was familiar with all the specialty paints. I told the specialty paint clerk that I was a taxidermist and was looking for a type of paint that a taxidermist could use to paint fish. He ask how I would apply the paint and I told him with an airbrush. He looked at me rather strangly and said he was not sure but he thought all of the types of paint they carried would surley kill any fish that was painted with them? I said nothing and went home.

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This response submitted by Evelyn on 3/26/02. ( )

That story made me laugh. Thanks for sharing it with us. Need more stories like that on the forum just like you said.

How About...

This response submitted by Lianne B. on 3/26/02. ( )

...when you are first starting out and desparate for "specimans" you keep an eye out for "good road kill". You know, a garbage bag and a pair of gloves tucked under the seat sorta thing. You stop and wait for the traffic to disappear, grab up the furry animal and sprint back to the car. Or waddle if it is a 40# coyote, trying to hold it away from you to avoid the dripping fluids. That will be about the time a car passes, driver staring open mouthed, while you die from embarassment. Or how about the time you spot an excellent dead fawn on the shoulder and someone else pulls off the same time you do. (I afraid this is true)I stand over the little critter, arms crossed and face-off a guy on crutches. He looks me over pretty good and decides a public show down just aint worth the hide. One winter there was a mallard drake smack dab in the middle of a rural road. I trot around the front of the van to check it out. It LOOKS okay so I am giving it the "sniff test" when "Steve", the local mail carrier, pulls around. All I can do is wave and give him a big grin like an egg-suckin 'possum. The best one was when I was driving the school bus, picking up kids on the morning route, when there was this great bobcat just lying there on the road...

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