Notice We have to ASK PERMISSION to excerise OUR RIGHTS?

Submitted by KIM on 3/26/02. ( )

Have you noticed that "WE" as free Americans have had to increasingly ASK PERMISSION TO EXCERISE OUR RIGHTS? From buying a gun to opening a business, going to school, driving a car, building a fence, buying a house etc. I won't even go there on the ever increasing taxes and "license" requirements for everything.

What are your thoughts on these subjects? Do you agree that we must always ask "BIG BROTHER" OR THE GUY DOWN THE STREET FOR PERMISSION.


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I'm with you Kim

This response submitted by Evelyn on 3/26/02. ( )

I am getting tired of the beaurocracy myself. You can't do this and you can't do that without a permit. Can't even put up a small shed in your own backyard without a city permit and then they rase your property taxes. Seems like the only thing we are allowed to do without asking permission is to pay our taxes.


This response submitted by gordon on 3/26/02. ( )

According to my swiss friends in their country you don't need permission to paint your just must be to code...trim and all, on color trim on color walls for all the neighbourhood!

And being a country boy, I have notice as population dense-city do buy-laws, taxes, licences, fees etc. Also, jumping over fences in cities is a no-no, unlike here on the farms! I am told that all this has to do with property "values" and controling who your neighbours are...?

But what do I know...where I'm from you don't even need permission from owners of forest lands to hunt and hunting activity belongs to all my fellow citizens...God bless his dominion...OH! CANANA LOL

Hi Gordon, how's the weather up there?

This response submitted by Evelyn (superpig) on 3/26/02. ( )

You are so right Gordon and that's why I am glad I live in the country too. I'm jumping fences all day long just because I don't have to ask.LOL


This response submitted by George on 3/26/02. ( )

We gotta work on that screen name of yours. I KNOW why you use it (She actually won her AofE with a boar mount that put her over the top at the Nationals), but if just don't conger up visions of you "sweet" personality. And don't toy with other swine sobriquets either. LOL. Unless, of course, you want to be the movie star one, "BABE". LMAO

I see both sides of this

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/26/02. ( )

I for one feel that we unfortunately need some guidelines, ordinances, codes, whatever. Remember how BillG remarked how we dont see "Joe" like we used to? Well, I have another one. Uncommon sense. Yep, sounds familiar, doesnt it? Remember when it used to be referred to as common sense? Well, you dont find it near as often as you used to. So, too many folks need a babysitter. I dont want my neighbor building a fence that crosses my line, for example. Or running a business thats growing too large from a small residential area, one that WAS residential when the guy moved there. Things we would refer to as common sense. So I AM for some of this. BUT, having said this, I sure wish folks, me included, had the sense enough to do things with others in mind as well as just ourselves. We then wouldnt need near as much law. The original post sounded just like a question two of my children brought home recently. It wasnt too hard to reason with them as to why we need some guidelines, some taxes, etc, but not too much of either. I guess that maybe seeing them "get it" makes me hope for the future!

Couple of things

This response submitted by BobB on 3/26/02. ( )

We need to understand the difference between our rights and our privledges. Remember the old adage - my rights end, where yours begin

What get's me is...

This response submitted by j hermanns on 3/26/02. ( )

property covenants. Why should I ever agree to have only 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 horse, no "junky cars", not be able to run a business in my home, build a fence that is a minimum of 18" off the ground, build my house a certain destance from the street, or have buildings that match? Heaven forbid anyone would ever want to own a piece of property with these kinds of "RULES".

name it

This response submitted by Mark B on 3/26/02. ( )

I agree that some tax is needed, but stop and think for a moment, do you ever really own anything in the United States. I look at it this way 3rd generation rancher, ranch paid for 150 years ago, and you still end up paying tax on the land. If you have livestock you pay tax on them also. So ask yourself do you really own anything without paying into Uncle Sam or the state inwhich you live. Then look at it this way, I appreciate farmers, don't get me wrong, Tax free home, minnor taxes on vehicles, minor tax on land, but they get all kinds of Goverment funding and grantsand reduced loan rates. All of this is crazy because it's business, but whats the difference.


This response submitted by gordon on 3/26/02. ( )

what you are describing sounds like europe to me or any large urban area.

The other side: I have friends in Trinidad...In Trinidad basically there are few laws limiting individual

You can defend yourself and your property with firearms. You don't need a driver's license and there are no speed limits. You drive the speed you what, where you what. And if you don't like the traffic flow well, you drive in the ditch, that's ok also.

But if you murder a tourist for his property, well you get the hole and forty lashes say over a period of 15yrs. Three of those lashes will rip most of the skin right off your back, enough to render you imobile, convolesent for say...six months at which point being healed you will get three more...and so on...until over a period of years you get your punishment. If you don't die of infection that is...

Oh and the showers are in the street for the working folks...but you have to dodge the morning traffic while you lather-up.

Could pass this one up.....

This response submitted by Cur on 3/26/02. ( )

Damen Grossenschwein,

We deserve the legislative controls and the governmental scrutiny, because we let it happen. When fewer than 20% of the populace turns out to vote, we let the social order folks get elected, run our government and establish examples at the Federal level that are copied all the way down to our children's classrooms.

We let idiots like Ralph Nader legislate away cheap automobiles by forcing makers to equip even the inexpensive models with features that are not always necessary. We allow the voices of the few convince the legislators to impose controls on the many because we sit on our butts and fail to raise a counter-point to their inane outcries. Congress tries to legislate away human stupidity and emotion. They try to legislate away carelessness as if it were a tangible substance. And we let them get away with that futility at our expense. At the end of WWII, at a time when the world was weeping, we had just fought the most serious of wars, yet America was growing by leaps and bounds. In 1947, the average American paid only 3% of his or her income in taxes..........and there was a government surplus! We support the liberal press by buying their newspapers and watching their TV commentaries. We don't hold public burnings of distasteful literature or organize a "million man march" on Washington D.C....(Could be that the middle class, "silent majority" couldn't find 10,000 folks from their numbers, let alone a million, that could get that many days off work at the same, !..LOL)

We elevate idiots to diety status. Hollywood stars who do not know their collective arses from the proverbial hole in the ground, become spokesmen with no substance. The public makes heros out of the screen stars, even though they acknowledge that the icons are by and large a group of uneducated fools who have no right to position themselves on either side of a technical or scientific argument.

Some sumbitch reporter puts his butt in a sling in Pakistan because he is inner city stupid, and the world takes up his cause. Eight fine young Americans die fighting in a primative, third world country, and they get ten minutes of news clips and are forgotten forever by the masses. The poor doggies humping those rocks in Afghanistan are there to avenge an attack on America. The unfortunate folks who died in the WTC attack on 9/11 will get millions of dollars in public and private monies for having been in the wrong place at the wrong time. The soldiers who die to protect our freedom, get a lick and a promise. I don't see bastards like Alec Baldwin, Rosie O'Donnel and Bill O'Reilly standing up and holding charity events for the widows and dependent children of our military personnel.

A long time ago, a man (Could have been old Joe) told me that there are three kinds of people in the world: 1.) Them that make it happen. 2.) Them that watch it happen. and 3.) Them that just don't know what's happening. Where do each of you stand in this equation?

Most great civilizations lasted only two hundred years. Few made it into the third century of their existance. Fewer still were ever brought down by outside force. The last, and final, stage of all great civilizations is apathy. We have been stuck in that social gear since 1957. God help us all if we don't change the way we allow the Government to do business.

Dozens of Americans will stand by and watch while our nation's flag is burned or another symbol of our heritage is defiled. We no longer have the right to punch some bonified loser in the nose unless it is in self defense from a real or perceived deadly force. I am for bringing back a one punch rule to allow a shot to the nose in response to direct insult. (Expecially for little bitty guys who are picked on by bullies and for big men who put up with a little guy's horse hockey because they are afraid of the consequence of action.) Personally, I have never perscribed to that crap, I am not afraid to bitch slap anyone who gets between me and my freedoms! Despite logic and common sense to the contrary, we have failed to open a legal hunting season on lawyers in all fifty states and the territories. The bulk of us stand by and let it happen, and those who make it happen make even more things "happen" because they can get away with it.

Gary condit may get away with murder. I am not accusing him of the death of Chandra Levy, I am accusing his constituents of apathy for not demanding his immediate resignation because he is a liar and a cheat. That fornicating sumbitch broke his oath of allegience to the most important person in his life. Why on earth would he feel the need to keep his word to the public with that kind of morality? Of course he lost the election, but that isn't enough for my peace of mind. Recently an idiot with the INS let four men escape into the US without proper visas or paperwork. If that had been a private sector mistake, the poor bastard would be in jail or at least in front of a grand jury. The person who did this is not dug up by the press and held to public account for the action. The perpetrator of this act of sabotage will still keep the job and is probably looking forward to retirement on our good will and public monies. If that kind of cover-up doesn't piss you off, then you should look elsewhere to pitch your tent.

Let me give you an example of our Governmental system shortcomings - The seniority system used in the congress:

Senator Tom Daschle represents just 770,000 American citizens, or less than one third of one percent of the population, yet he can prevent our president from functioning. South Dakota is forty-sixth in population among these 50 states - only four states have fewer people. Fifteen US cities (2000 census) have more citizens than does SD. Daschle is such a fine leader and representative of the citizens of South Dakota that they rank 47th in average individual income. School teachers in South Dakota have the honor of being 50th, or dead last, on the national pay scale. Nearly 20% of the children of Daschle's fine state live at or below the poverty level. Even though they rank 46th in population, they are 33rd in energy consumption. Of the 225,000 non-farm workers in SD, more than ten percent work for the government. They are one of the few states whose government assistance monies exceed the Gross State Product. The good citizens of that state rate 47th in the nation in doctor to patient ratio. Daschle, that fine defender of minorities, fails to mention that while 12 % of the constituents who sent him to Washington are minorities, the minorities own lest than 2% of the farms and businesses. All of this and more reasons exist to make this man an example of failure, rather than head of the Senate. The system stinks, and we need to change it to our benefit. It is a time to reward the workers and wean the parasites. A time for using the most powerful weapon ever handed to the human race - the VOTE. If we do not vote, we have no right to complain about the system, the rules and regulations and the impact and inconvenience caused us each and all.

And "Pig", unless you are so ugly that you couldn't get a date on a nuclear submarine that has been under the polar cap for three months, lose the name, please. If I were to call a woman that, she would have ten Government agencies down on my rump to remind me that our concept of free speech is no longer what we thought it to be.

To arms, to arms! Ye men of stout heart! Let's vote the bastards out and kill the liberals. Feel better now?.....LOL. C'mon down and join the Cur Army of the Sabine Pass - founders of DAMM (Drunks Against Mad Mothers.) - defenders of the flag, the turf and loose wimmen.

gonna be a good long post?

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/26/02. ( )

Cur, I dont always agree with you, but that there was one very good post. Im with you on this one, to be sure. Juli, Im not sure with you, though. I think maybe being up where you are is why you think that way, or maybe thinking that way is why you ARE up there! Either way, I still get your point. Unfortunately, down here we HAVE to have some conformity rules IF, if you choose to live in close proximity to others.

I am a non-conformist at heart

This response submitted by j hermanns on 3/26/02. ( )

Which is why I will NEVER LIVE in any of the remaining 49 STATES of the republic. I enjoy hunting, trapping, and WILD PLACES. Alaska's the best there is - I aim to try to keep it as uncivilized as possible. OF course, there are plenty of covenants and such to keep things somewhat civilized around the cities, but that's because the damn Californians and their big city ideas seem to have made their way up here - we just need to make a law banning anyone from the big cities in california out of the LAST FRONTIER. (LOL to all you from CA)

I agree some rules need to be made and followed because there's one too many idiots out there that don't know the difference between a hole in the ground and a hole in the head. Just wish that they didn't have to ruin it for the rest of us that at least try to use common sense.

Good Job Cur.

This response submitted by John C on 4/4/02. ( )

I for my life cannot see why everyone does not vote. But then I also see why some people should not vote.

A few years ago before the last Presidential election, I noticed while driving in the deep south, many Demoncratic signs in yards of minorities. But the higher the class of people the more Republician Signs. Surely there is some fact of which I can only surmise to why this is and was.

On a recent out of country trip I noticed that prices have went way up due to NAFTA, but yet they people in the third world contries are not making the money, its the wealthy business owners, the third world workers are still paid the same now as 12 years ago for making your LEVI'S while the Hass family lines thier pockets.


I am lucky enough to get to travel a lot, I see more regulations placed on the U.S. Citizen that was born here. While Jose and Maria sneaked into the country in the black of night, had a baby here now they cannot be deported for any reason.

Every other motel is owned by a camel jockey, who claims "AMERICAN OWNED" they too get privledges for coming to America, all due to Demonacrate introduced legislation.

For the many of you who dont know, most of the larger tourist areas in the world, the hotels and resorts are now owned by people from the mideast. The world is financing the attacks on our own freedom.

Many Spanish speaking people are trying to move to get formerly Spanish lands now within the USA back for theirselves.

Wait a minute! What about the Native American, maybe I want Spanish speaking people removed from former NA lands.

HOw is it that a President formerly from Arkansas, can screw his own state over? Few want the library to be built! But its happening anyway. I like many Arkansaw people dont give a rats hinney about it.

Take stock in America, VOTE,and vote often!

Have you looked to see if you voted lately? You may have and did not even go to the poll! Better pull the head out of the keester and see. Our was you dangling chad, the wrong one punched.

Cur is right. Many dont see whats happening to our country, but he sure does.

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