Cur's taxidermy nightmare.

Submitted by Might confess later. Maybe. on 3/26/02. ( )

Welcome to McTaxidermists. May I have your order please?

Um. Yeah, I'd like a standard upright on a McKenzie bun, er, I mean form, with one ear back and no gloss on the horns.

What kind of eyes would you like with that?

Um. McHikon 250's, I guess.

Fine. Did you know that we are having a special, and you can Super-Style your mount into a pedestal type for only 30% more?

OK. That sounds good to me.

Would you like a habitat with this order?

Nah thanks. Not this time.

Would you like to buy the extended 30 day warranty, sir?

Nah. I don't think it's worth the extra money.

Well, that's up to you, sir. Would you like paper or plastic?


Thank you sir. That will be $130.00. Please fill out these forms and sign at the bottom while Bubba opens up your tailgate and gets everything squared up.
That looks good.
Go ahead and pull forward until your tires touch that little bump.
Don't forget to roll up your windows while the pressure skinner is spraying!
Thank you for visiting McTaxidermists, and have a nice day!

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This response submitted by Cur on 3/26/02. ( )

Next thing you know it will be a full scale pedestal deer kit by Revell. No glue required! Snap together parts and a blue ribbon application form in the box........$199.99 at hobby shops and Wally Worlds everywhere.

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