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Submitted by Mark on 3/26/02. ( HeadsOrTailsTax@hotmail.com )

A new section has been added to TaxidermyReference.com called Rising Stars. This section is dedicated to the youth showing a love for the art of taxidermy.

I think you're gonna like this alot. If you have a minute, check it out.


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Check it out

This response submitted by Derek on 3/26/02. ( crochunter@alltel.net )

You got to check out this site it shows our very own Amy Ritchie,who would have thought that little darlin is only 15 years old.Sure makes me feel like an old timer trying to learn the art,anyway congrats Amy,keep up the good work,Derek.

Talented beginner

This response submitted by JL on 3/27/02. ( wmlures@xtdl.com )

After being in this business for over 50 years and knowing how difficult some of the processes are to learn, I am amazed at how quickly some beginners master the basics of our craft. Amy is a truly talented individual who will rise to the pinacle and sit besides some of the great women taxidermists who have led the way. Congratulations Amy on both your talent and your enthusiasm. Good luck.....JL

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