Market Price for an Elephant Cape?

Submitted by Rob Patton on 3/26/02. ( )

I have a client who would like to know the value of a dry salted elephant cape without the tusks.

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Need alot of info, yet

This response submitted by Lars on 3/27/02. ( )

Where is it? What size is it? What condition is it in? Are the ears attached? Is the trunck attached? How old is it? What KIND of elephant is it?

Here is all I know.

This response submitted by Rob Patton on 3/27/02. ( )

Ears and trunk are attached but does not come with the tusks. Which were 40 pounds apiece I am told. It stood 10 - 12 fet at the shoulder. I do not know how old the cape is but I think it is at least 2 years old. The country of origin is Zimbabwe but the cape is here in United States and is dry salted. I also do not know what species the elephant is. Figuring out the value is kinda of a toughie for me. I appreciate your help


This response submitted by me on 3/28/02. ( )

should be worth $2000 to $3000 if in good condition

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