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Submitted by Cecil Baird on 3/26/02. ( )

I recently sent out surveys to all 50 state Law Enforcement Divisions regarding questions on legality of the sale of frozen panfish and gamefish in the U.S. to taxidermists, taxidermy schools, wood carvers, and makers of reproductions.

However, I would also like to send the same surveys to the Deparment of Natural Resources or the Law Enforcement Divisions of all the Canadia provinces. Can any Canadians point me to the names of each province's Fish and Game Divisions and or Law Enforcement Divisions? I'm not sure what they are called in Canada but in the U.S they vary i.e. Department of Natural Resources, Fish & Game, Game Commission, Department of Wildlife and Parks, Dept of Environmental Protection etc.

If I can get the titles I can find the rest via the Internet.



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This response submitted by Doug on 3/27/02. ( )

Hello Cecil,
I'm not a Canadian, but live mighty close to Ontario. The Canadian version of what you seek is Ministry of Natural Resources. If you type "Canada MNR" in any search engine you're on your
Good luck,

for Nova Scotia Natural Resources

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Email me if you like.
I can help.

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