McKenzies delivery dates

Submitted by Westuffit on 3/27/02. ( )

Is it only me or is everyone else having this problem. I used to get
my orders in about 3 days. Now its taking 5 ot 6 days, sometimes more. Maybe bigger isnt always better.
Also seems there was also a hefty increase in prices.
Just wondering.

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No problem here.

This response submitted by Todd B on 3/27/02. ( )

I still get mine in about 2 to 3 days as usual.

Todd B

No problem here

This response submitted by Paul Taylor on 3/27/02. ( )

If I place my order by 08:30 I will 99% of the time receive it the next day standard UPS.

on time here

This response submitted by Robin on 3/27/02. ( )

I get mine in 2 to 3 days always

They have had some snags....

This response submitted by Frank on 3/27/02. ( )

But all in all I feel they are doing a pretty good job. I place an order with McKenzie just about once a week and really haven't had any "real" problems since the 1st of the year.

A couple things to remember about shipping transit times and when your order really leaves the company. #1 remeber that Roger Martins forms are coming from a different you will incure extra boxing and maybe a small delay if ordering some of his items. #2 If you place your oder before 12 noon eastern standard time.. your order is supposed to ship the same day. If it doesn't ask them for a credit on your shipping cost. This is a policy that McKenzie' came up with, and if they drop the ball, then you deserve something in return.
#3 and finally UPS has a policy in effect that if you are operating out of a commercial location they will guarentee ground delivery dates. Its simple to find out the "date". Just call UPS give the shippers zip code and yours and ask them what the guarented delivery day is.Once you have this info you can recieve credit for packages that do not make it in time.Remember though that the credit has to go through the shipper then to you and that you must be in a commercial location determind by UPS.

I realize that some my find this as a waste of time... I call it simple business sense. I mean if there is a five dollar bill laying on the floor, will you pick it up or just keep walking by?

so far, mostly good!

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/27/02. ( )

I havent had much trouble either. I can say that a few Buckeye items took longer at first. Considering all that theyve gone through lately, its to be expected. As for the price, hey, we all have been suggesting price increases in the studio, as the suppliers know enough to charge US more as costs go up! Its not because of the merge, just simple business practice. Good luck in the future with them!


This response submitted by Dave B. on 3/28/02. ( )

It burns my butt a bit when this issue comes up. Mannikin prices HAVEN'T really gone up THAT much. Every thing becomes adjusted to fit the economy statis. If you want to complain about prices, has anyone seen the price this week for a head off lettuce? $2.60 Gas keeps going up. Cable goes up, on so on and so on.I dont see where paying $30-$34 for a quality Deer mannikin is being rediculous! And hey, the people who work for these supply companies, aren't they intitled to a pay raise once a year as does everyone else out here? Come on now!Raise your prices and let the customer incur these costs. Its that easy.

Adjusted for inflation.

This response submitted by The Taxidermologist on 3/28/02. ( )

As adjusted for inflation, the total cost of the three most important items in mounting a deer head - the manikin, glass eyes, and ear liners - are at this time, cheaper than any time in history.

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