The O'Reilly Factor last night !

Submitted by Achita on 3/28/02. ( )

The REPARATION LAWSUITS are IN the court system. They were filed yesterday. How can we in taxidermy charge more to pay the higher MANDATORY taxes we will be charged by the goverement to settle the Reparation lawsuits, when they win in the LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC BUM KISSING COURT SYSTEM. You know they will win.
We aren't making enough money now and can't get "that price in our area" to make more, what are we to do ?
It's bad enough for me now ,I'm in the TEACHERS union, (mandatory), pay mandatory dues and they give it to the ANTI gun and ANTI hunting liberal politicans, that when elected vote to take more of what i love away. It doesn't seem right or fair. Is this America or Amerikia.
I need confort, i'm joining a 100% affiliated NTA chapter and building a tin foil hat!

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This response submitted by Don on 3/28/02. ( .... )

to me too. But the lawsuits were filed against specific companies, alleging they rose to financial power through the use of slaves. This suit was NOT against the U.S.,....yet! I believe it may come to that, but I have wishful thinking that the statue of limitations will prevail. IMHO this is all about $$$..not right or wrong.

Statute of limitations?

This response submitted by Liz on 3/29/02. ( )

I don't understand how there can BE a statute of's been 150 years! And how can they sue over something that was LEGAL then! (Not necessarily moral, but legal!) The big railroad company they are suing wasn't even formed back then. And the life insurance company held premiums on the lives of slaves. So what? It was legal then. I'm not saying it wasn't a terrible thing. I'm just saying how can you hold people responsible 150 years later!?

Expo Facto Law

This response submitted by Vic on 3/29/02. ( )

As Liz pointed out above, it wasn't against the law at the time. According to the expo facto law, you cant be held in violation of the law for something that wasn't against the law at the time you were doing it.

Ex: Speed limit on highway is now 50MPH, last week a cop saw you doing 60 on same road. (Was the legal limit) They cant write you a ticket for the previous week since it wasn't against the law when you were doing 60MPH.

something to consider

This response submitted by Roger on 3/30/02. ( )

The fact that it wasn't against the law at the time should be the end of the argument. However, there has been a precedent set by the justice system under our illustrious previous administration. I have never held or smoked a cigarette, but the manufacturers of these products have been forced to pay through the *** for the sale and the manufacturing of their legal products. While I am airing a view on the controlling party at the time, how about the taxes that were paid retroactively under that administration? And what about the taxes assessed retroactively against the estates of the deceased? What about the apologies to our former war enemies for the destruction necessary to enable us to survive? "Common sense" doesn't seem to exist in the arena with "diversication and political correctness"...

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