Submitted by Glen Conley on 3/29/02. ( )

I have a vivid imagination, and it will not allow me to imagine how much of a time and money expenditure that you and your company have put in to the provision of this web site. It is an absolutely brilliant piece of work. I can not even imagine how many people have benefited directly or in-directly from the information provided here. I have no choice but to give you a standing ovation and to thank you again!

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Absa tootin' lute ly!

This response submitted by MW on 3/30/02. ( )


2nd that motion

This response submitted by james-sc on 3/30/02. ( )

thanks alot ,james-sc

truely the best

This response submitted by wayne ( kiwi) on 3/30/02. ( )

you shure are rigth there! my thanks go to you to Ken and co
this is one of the best TOOL'S us taxidermist have keep up the good work

New Zealand

Yes Indeed!

This response submitted by Mick on 3/30/02. ( )

Buy the Man a BEER !

PLEASE, bear in mind...

This response submitted by Fair Minded! on 3/31/02. ( GiveItUp@GrowUp.DUH! )

The Chat Room was intended for taxidermy related exchanges of information & FUN - NOT for ANY blatantly slanderous immaturity!

Thanks Ken

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/31/02. ( )

I enjoy visiting in the forums, and also relaxing in the chat as well. Contrary to popular belief, the chat usually is a place that taxidermists go to talk about stuff other than taxidermy, although the subject does come up now and again! Thanks again for the opportunity and the resource!

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