Submitted by mike downing on 3/31/02. ( the_taxidermist@yahoo.com )

Think about Jesus today!
The difference between Christianity and other beliefs is TODAY!
Ours is the only belief based on a Living Savior!
HE is as alive today as on the day he first rose up!
GOD has blessed us, take time to remember your good fortune and to thank HIM!

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This response submitted by Randall Desormeau on 3/31/02. ( )

A Free Gift Just ask Jesus to come into your heart. It is so simple just ask. Thats is what I did 10 years ago. Your life will change. He will read your heart. The battle is with self no one else. Happy Easter


This response submitted by M.T. on 3/31/02. ( )

The only Hell a believer will know is here on earth, the only heaven a nonbeliever will ever know is also here on earth, ask Jesus into your heart today and all worries will be over. Many people say the Lord works in Mysterious ways but He doesnt, there is no mystery about it, it is all in the Bible, His Living Word.Praise the Lord Randy, and you have a good day.

Thankfull Heart

This response submitted by Skullery....Jeff on 3/31/02. ( skullery@wageswebworks.com )

I am thankfull that the Lord loves us and proved His love by dying on the cross for us.
"We love, because He first loved us." 1John 4:18

It gives me joy to know that I have brothers and sisters in Christ and who also visit this forum. We can celebrate Easter everyday and not just one day a year, for we have His Spirit in us. Praise the Lord for His love and grace. Skullery.....Jeff....<><

Jesus or Taxidermy?

This response submitted by Not JESUS on 4/2/02. ( )

I thought this was a taxidermy forum. I didn't realize I had stumbled into the born againer's forum. I'm glad all of you are so happy with your beliefs, but please, stick to taxidermy. We don't have any Buddists or Muslims posting on their holidays. TAXIDERMY!

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