Worm Kleze virus

Submitted by John Yount on 3/31/02. ( jyount@centurytel.net )

some of yall were saying that you got a virus, well i got it to. Comes through the e-maill bases like microsoft outlook and outlook express.some are porn pictures that show up in e-mail(really sick puppy doing this).Only way I have found so far to get rid of it, is to delete the files it is in.Or to compress it.Search Worm Kleze and you will find the phrases used so far mine was a new one (how are you going).You may already know about (house calls) a site that will do a free scan.

Happy Easter and may god bless you all

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Visited me too

This response submitted by Cur on 3/31/02. ( wildart@prodigy.net )

It came into my computer via an email from Taxidermy net. the email was from "Ken" and the subject was, "Have a new lady Day." It auto opened when I selected the email - NOT the attachment. As soon as it began to stream, I shut the power to the computer, restarted in dos and used Norton's to erase the few infected files. The tradegy was that this virus infects virus detection software too, disabling it on the windows side of the equation.

My computer has multiple hard drives. I keep a current copy of the windows system files on a subordinate drive for instant reload. The norton's was erased and reloaded and all is normal.

The person who sent the email let their gaurd down on this one, though, and my icollect and security software was able to backtrack the message to the originator via multiple ISPs and FTPs. Since my computer is business oriented and The Taxidermy net forums and system is WASCO owned and operated, I was able to turn the offending email and the data and exe files over to the FBI for processing. I submitted the infected files to SARC also in order that they could take a look at the trigger that made it through my current Norton's.

The FBI is investigating this as a possible act of terrorism and in any event, due to two corporations being involved, the act was a felony. Someone is going to get the proverbial knock on the door, thanks to my Serif software and Active-X controls.

If the perpetrator is an active participant on the forums or the Taxidermy.net. I want to be the first pissed off person to wish you a happy time in Federal Court and a nice vacation in Leavenworth.

See ya......

More on the Klez

This response submitted by Cur on 4/1/02. ( wildart@prodigy.net )

The email mentioned in the earlier post was not from Ken Edwards at WASCO, but the sender was listed as Ken at Taxidermy.net. Whoever sent it was familar with the system and knows of Ken, that is beyond random selection by a dumb virus. The sender used an html that contained a url linking back to a bogus forum page which downloaded the virus stream. I didn't intend to state that the message came from Ken or the forum, but that someone had used the forum as a launching pad for the distribution of the virus.

The klez virus is not a worm, by the by, it is a trojan horse which lies silent until a specific triggering date when it will replace all hard drive files with zeros.

Caught WORM_KLEZE and it was fatal.

This response submitted by Patrick on 5/17/02. ( brunelle@ix.netcom.com )

I do not know how my computer caught the disease. I do use Outlook Express. I am a novice so had a friend help me with my diseased machine. The virus was located in 52 different locations and the anti virus system could not remove them. We finally gave up. We will reformat the hard drive and start over "I hope" with a clean machine. Lost some important material but such is life.
Catch the bastard and give him 5 to 10.


This response submitted by Alex Henderson II on 09/15/2002. ( )

My son's computer tech has informed me that my machine has the virus, but so far I can see nothing amiss in my operation except that aol keeps appearing spontaneously on my screen.

i am in hell please help!

This response submitted by marybeth lewis on 12/14/2002. ( musicmarybeth@hotmail.com )

i will take any help i can get my friend pastor jerry in `glendaie,az got some porn from me, it was a porn emil,i never sent it i have never sent porn TO ANY ONE in my life he will not talk to me .he is so mad .and i am heartsick . he thanks very badly about me ,he is such a sweet old man. he very old like grampa waten please pray for hope for me.this has been so hard on me and it hurts .that he has been so hurt by this thing . please emial me i in hell

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