Quebec Lite new video

Submitted by Gerry on 3/2/02. ( )


The new video will be available on the 8th of March. It was worth waiting for, it's the difference between a home made thing and a professional quality. The main actor is not ready for hollywood
(i'm speaking of myself) but the subject mater is clear and to the point. All the major problems are addressed.

If you have fleshing problems, you must get this tape. It runs for one hour two minutes and eighteen seconds. If it can't make you become a good operator, your in the wrong business or your machine is no good. It will sell for $25.00 (shipping & handling included). If you purchase a Quebec machine within 6 months after you purchased your video your money will be deducted from the total invoice. As for those who have purchased a QL in the past, you will be entitled to a special price. Simply give me a call.


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over inflated price

This response submitted by professional taxidermist on 3/2/02. ( )

i do believe a fleshing machine is a asset to our profession although i will not be taken advantage of. this is a simple machine, couple guards, blade,pully,there's nothing there to justify a $800 to $1000 price tag no matter how you come back with some fancy worded explanation.when they come down to a reasonable price i'll purchase one, till then i believe there priced out of the market place, mine for sure!

Are you wearing long pants in this one Gerry?

This response submitted by Bill K. on 3/3/02. ( )

If so, I might be interested. The shorts in your oringial video just weren't necessary man !

Profession Taxidermist ?

This response submitted by Len on 3/3/02. ( )

I assume you think you are a professional taxidermist, but the way you go about things isn't very professional. You apparently don't get out much, as you would see there are some fleshing machines on the market that are well under your stated price. Quality machines also don't come cheap.
Maybe you should be designing a cheap quality fleshing machine for everybody to use. Also, next time leave your e-mail address in case you would like to chat.

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