Fleshing machine alternative

Submitted by Steve on 3/3/02. ( gossard@gtelco.net )

I will submit this again as an alternative to a expensive fleshing machine. a lot of you have already e-mailed me about it and some have tried it. it's up to you. I use a six inch bench mounted grinder with a very coarse stone. it will remove the flesh and thin thick areas on any hide from rabbit to moose. The spinning stone will actually fan the skin as you go so heat will not build up if you go slow working the hide back and forth. I flesh my hides after pickling as the added moisture helps in fleshing as well as thinning the hides. The good thing about the grinder is you can also use it to trim skulls flat to help mount them to forms. you can sharpen wires for bird legs and wings. you can even sharpen your knife. It can do all the fleshing right down to the thin skin of the nose wings and eyelids as well as be used to remove cartalige from ears or just thin them to use for bondo. Whats more, It could eat a expensive fleshing machine, and still flesh a hide. I am not a sales person for a fleshing machine, just a Taxidermist that has found an alternative, and will stick with it as I have yet to change the same stone I startd with twenty years ago. Remember, nessesity is the mother of invention. I was twelve when I started and this is what i came up with. still in use

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This response submitted by rick on 3/3/02. ( )

always two ways to skin a cat thanks

me too

This response submitted by lee on 3/3/02. ( )

i also use a grinder with good results. i am using a five inch hand grinder, i will have to try the bench grinder though ill bet it is easier.


This response submitted by sean on 3/3/02. ( s_frizzell@prodigy.net )

its great to hear new ideas or in your case a old one. i will try it and regardless i thank you for sharing .

Try a coarse wire wheel

This response submitted by John C on 3/3/02. ( )

I use a corse wire wheel on some very thinned skinned animals from time to time.

Its not the cheapo wire wheels either.

Cheap ones cause uneven thinning and HEAT build up.

I do also use this on turkeys about 10 minutes, goota tell you I wash the turkeys less tails in a large drummed washing machine.

Still I have found nothing that works as well as a fleshing machine.

HOw about a curriers knife? You young bucksor does ever used one? or is that a little to muvh work too. Plus the price.

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