Something I cant just figure out

Submitted by Bob C on 3/4/02. ( )

There's something I cant quite figure out in Frankie Thompsons post. He states that there are now 2395 members of the NTA. Not bad, considering that comes from only 19 100% affiliated states.That would mean that there is an average of 126 members per state. This doesn't sound quite right considering Del. doesn't have 1/4 of that as members and Maine had to have some of the board members of the NTA joint their organization so they would be recognized by the NTA. Could it be that they are counting members that already paid their dues before the rule went into effect(only 2 months ago) The true test is to wait till its time to renew their memberships. Actually to see if this was a good idea, is it possible to get a list of the 19 100% affiliated states and the membership numbers from each state? This I would believe would give a good indication if they are moving in the right direction.

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This response submitted by Randal R. Waites on 3/4/02. ( )

Are you maybe not thinking of the individuals, who are members of the NTA, but their state is not affiliated. I belong to the NTA, but my state does not, and I also belong to my state association. If I look at the list of members, from my state who are members of the NTA, most of them are not state members. They were not, state members before the ruling, for what ever their reasons. rw

I understand

This response submitted by Bob C on 3/4/02. ( same as above )

Hey RW, I agree with you on that point. I would be interested in knowing how many members of the NTA are not members of any state organization. No one will be able to tell the true outcome of this until all the renewals of membership come in. I, for one , am glad that NY didn't vote to go through with it. I guess I just dont like being backed into a corner. Fortunatly, we have other major shows we can attend if we want, the worlds and the IGT.

nta @ texas

This response submitted by paul on 3/4/02. ( )

texas is not 100%

I don't understand!

This response submitted by Dom on 3/5/02. ( )

you people might call me nieve or even narrow minded, but I enjoy the "forum" and even see the justification in the banter that goes back and forth. But I'm having trouble understanding why there is such a differance of opinion on the NTA's 100% affiliation, maybe I didn't read everything or had my blinders on when I joined, but I belong to the NTA and my state association, and realize as I think everyone has to at some point "united we stand divided we fall" or "theres strenght in numbers". We are all faced with some serious problems, even the FWS, who I thought always would be on our side,have done some strange things in the past couple of years.I feel the only way to protect our lively hood is to stand together, whether or not I agree with the national or the state association. I believe in what they,I, We, stand for.If I've been miss informed by all means let know.

Maines 100% solution

This response submitted by Howard Whitten on 3/6/02. ( )

If I may speak briefly to "Bob C"'s comments on 3-4-02...he stated"...Maine had to have some of the Board members of the NTA join(t) their organization." The Maine Association of Taxidermists voted two years ago, and last year NOT to become a 100% affilliate of the NTA. I was president of that group then, I am currently on the Board of that same group. We also voted to pursue starting a separate organization that would be 100% NTA. We felt that we wanted to keep the traditions and independace of our group, yet we wanted to provide a platform for our members to have national support. I went to the NTA meetings in Texas and in Missouri and presented our "unusual" proposal. Maine has a rich tradition in being independant as well as intelligent! The policy of the NTA stated that in order for a state to become an affilliate, it must start out with 20 members. I asked the Board for a waiver, instead many of the Board members decided to join. They certainly did not have to join, they wanted to join. I am currently interim president of the new Maine Chapter of the NTA, we will hold our first meeting at the annual Maine Association of Taxidermists meeting in April. There will be over 30 Charter members on the roster, we welcome you as a member no matter where you are from. There is strength in numbers, and Maine is proud to be a part of the NTA and the independant MAT( Maine Association of Taxidermists)! Howard Whitten

Every state will need to splinter!

This response submitted by The Taxidermologist on 3/6/02. ( )

The NTA solution - have multiple associations in each state. How is that Uniting the taxidermists together. Maine has two associations now - then Pennsylvania will need to split, Ohio already has - but they may need to start a third to include the portions of each that want to join - perhaps maybe Four Societies in Ohio because they don't get along from what I understand.
It is absolutely a ridiculous proposition to mandate NTA membership.
Perhaps each county should start their own society and have shows in livingrooms and small firehalls. SHEESH!

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