Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy

Submitted by Hank on 3/4/02. ( )

I am thinking about going to the Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy. I have heard many good things about the school, but I was wondering if there is any bad things about the school that I need to consider other than the cost.


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This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 3/4/02. ( )

Here are the BAD things anout the school. Here goes, when you don't pay attention to what the instructors say that's a bad thing.
When you think you know more than them, that's a bad thing.
When you show up late for class, that's a bad thing.
Coming to class unprepared that's a bad thing.
Falling asleep during the movie is a bad thing.
And probally the worst thing that could ever happen is not being nice to Ruth Ann. THAT'S a REAL BAD THING.

Ever school has it's pros and cons. I went there and I got my money's worth and more but as for bad things there will always be something that can go wrong it's up to you to make the best out of every situation.

Great school!

This response submitted by Rick Carter on 3/5/02. ( WASCO )

Dan Bantley is one of the best taxidermists in the world. He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of our industry. He has always given me good technical advice and I value his opinion at a master level. The Pa. Institute of Taxidermy would put you at a level that is lightyears ahead of learning by hard knocks. You will get a lot of bang for the bucks!

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