Illinois Deer Classic!

Submitted by Eric Kibler on 3/4/02. ( )

Anyone see the deer classic at Illinois. It was amazing! 200" deer after 200" deer, 3 deer over 220" and 2 over 250" and 170 and 180's all over the place, just simply amazing. Buy the way the taxidermy was in general very poor, sorry to say for deer of this caliber.

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isnt it a shame?

This response submitted by brice on 3/4/02. ( )

its too bad that people will spend a fortune on their bows, guns, clothes, and everything else.... but they are too cheap or just ignorant to the fact that there are better taxidermists than their hunting buddy that mounts his own. what a pitty.

my sentiments on the classic. i didnt go this year. stopped in last year and it was pouring down rain. the roof leaked and was dripping on about a dozen different mounts. i wasnt too impressed with that and didnt go back this year.

I went ,also disappointed by the deer quality

This response submitted by CHUCK on 3/5/02. ( )

My wife and I went into the room with the mounts and she even commented on how crappy the taxidermy was.I for one didn't look at too many racks except that odd one alone that had the double right side rack,how did this occur?It looked as if the inner antler hadn't shed before the outer grew-Is this possible? Anyhow,we both commented on all of the what we call "Frankenstein deer" thats the ones with too tall of a set on the skull cap,then the chinese deer are always fun ,there was a pouting deer ,looked like a 1/4 inch of sculpall was put over the lower lip. Lots and lots of jet black noses and deer with black eyeliner. I could only find a handful of mounts worth paying for.What a shame.

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