George Roof, why insult WTA members?

Submitted by BobB on 3/5/02. ( )

First you accuse me of calling NTA board members names

Next you compare me to an arsonist

Then you insult wisconsinites because of our past politicians and our love of milk.Taking shots at two of Wisconsin's longest serving democrats, one who served as our nation's secr. of defense.

If I read your last post correctly you looked to have backed off in your recent insults to my fellow statesmen and my state's past politicians, yet in the next breath you then insult all the members of the Wisconsin Taxidermists Association, who also oppose your way of thinking. From your last post you said,

"WE were there, but your sycophants said you couldn't make it"

So George are all the WTA members "toads, fawns, parasites, boot-lickers, yes-men" ? Even the NTA members within the WTA that oppose the mandate, or does the NTA only consider the non-NTA WTA members who oppose the mandate as parasites or my yes-men?

You were right George, a conflict kept me in Madison on Friday and Saturday. I hoped to drive the 6-hr round trip to Green Bay on Sunday for the general membership meeting, but the stomach flu kept me near my bathroom instead.

I wish I knew you were coming, I would have glady taken you out for dinner to discuss the mandate. Sorry I missed you.

You have chosen the same road the NTA always takes. Rather than address issues and concerns of both members and potential members, you simply tell us the way it is going to be - period.

You give me, my report and my website way too much credit.

Taxidermists from MO, Mich, Minn, Ill, Texas and Calif have chosen on their own long before my report was placed on my website, not to join the NTA.

A less than stellar image and a stagnant membership roll, has been problems of the NTA long before my report.

My god, my site has only had just over 1600 visits, do you really blame my report on the issue of the NTA's 100% mandate, as the reason why taxidermists from across the United States are resisiting the 100% mandate?

George, my influence does not reach as far as you think. The 100% mandate would struggle with or without my imput. Come on George, you have to know that.

You just asked me to put up or shut up in your last post.

Gladly, I believe we need a base of strong state groups, from there we can form a united front. After we secure the future of these state groups, we can then address the problems within the NTA, it would then make a terrific such national voice.

If the NTA is sincere, it will accept some form of associate membership, swelling its ranks and giving Wash DC the sense of power it could yield at the polls.

Why the NTA refuses to allow members to join, just to be part of the voice is beyond many of us. Instead the NTA insists that the only way to join the NTA is through a FULL $50 MEMBERSHIP.

As you know the majority of US taxidermists are not enticed by your benefit package. Many have better benefits through another source of income or their spouse's. So they choose not to join.

Those same taxidermists, may be more than willing to join, for a $5 annual fee, just to add their names to your membership roll and to then keep their NTA friends from being unfairly punished because the state they live in will not go 100%.

But for some reason the NTA will only accept members who will buy into their $50 benefit club - what a shame. Seems to most of us that the NTA desires our $$$ more than our name or vote.

Lastly George, let's get this done, let's find something in my report that was based on a mistake. George there has to be something. I had to have made some mistake. Please point something out so I can fix it and end your whining about my report, attacks on me, and now your public attack on other Wisconsin taxidermists who oppose the mandate, let's get this fixed - fighting between ourselves will never creat a national unified front.

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Blah blah blah

This response submitted by ? on 3/5/02. ( )

We all heard you the first time. You're beating a dead horse. From your post, I assume you consider yourself a Taxidermist? But what are you doing for Taxidermy? Not helping. Judging by the fact that you chose to post this thread again..., you're basically showing me you just want to get into a pissing match. At the very least you want just want to bitch. Thats not waht these boards are for. I for one am tired of hearing your biased, one sided spittle. If you don't like the NTA, VOTE! I'd have to say, with the sorry state of the world right now, you come across as fairly anti-American. I for one, support the NTA. Don't condem the whole NTA and the board for the work of a few bad apples. They are here to serve us. If you don't like what they are doing, vote for board members that will get things changed. Your other choice is to keep yelling about it here. By the way, how is that working for you? Has it changed anything? I for one am tired of listing to you. You really need to look beyond your nose.

Do you have to ask Bob

This response submitted by ? on 3/5/02. ( )

Do we live in two different Wisconsin's Bob? You mean the same politicians like, Russ Feingold (D-WI), who just received an A+ rating from the largest anti-hunting organization in the US. The same state who's Russ Feingold (D-WI)has cosponsored every antihunting antitrapping bill brought forth by HSUS. Who's name is on a letter to President G.W. Bush asking he work with the HSUS.
I think George is right on, and I think you have shown in the way you take up for some of the Democrat politicians some of which just recently tried to pass a ban under the guise of an antiterrorism bill.
Yes, Bob, if those who are elected are any indication of those who elect them then by all means Wisconsin residents are worse than boot licking-yes men, we are antirights fools and you seem to be proud to be the leader.

Courage and cowards

This response submitted by ducky on 3/5/02. ( )

Aleast BobB did have the courage to state his views and also to sign his name(and his email adress) to them; unlike (?) who wouldn't even sign their name or email address, must not be too proud of their views or just like taking "Cheap" shots at someone who stands for what they believe in.

For the record

This response submitted by Kim Owens on 3/5/02. ( )

I have been reading the recent posts about the NTA 100% mandate and I must say they have been interesting but I still find them to say the same stuff that has been said over and over again, by the same people, both for and against. When I go back and review the archives, I am finding there are about 15-20 people who are posting their opinions. I want to congratulate the 19 states that voted for our industry. I also want to thank the other states that allowed their members to vote and not just their board of directors. To set the record straight however, I want to let everyone know that Texas did not vote on the mandate. To my knowledge, they have decided to put the ball in the NTA's court and let them kick them out. There are taxidermist in the TTA that are very opposed to the mandate and there are members of the TTA that are very supportive of the mandate. I can only assume- and yes I know what assumption does- that the TTA board is alittle afraid of how the membership would vote. So- when Bob B or anyone else throws around the State of Texas in their posts, please know that they are speaking of a few members and not the entire association. And the circle continues-------

To the Great People of Wisconsin

This response submitted by George on 3/5/02. ( )

I'd invite you to read 2 posts after this rambling. The first post is above under "Civics Lesson" by some lady I'd love to meet, and the second one is "NTA" below.
The author of this thread again shows that his total lack of decency and humanity allows him to misinterpret, misuse, misquote, and take completely out of context, things that have been said. HE is the one who brought the issue up about how the politics of the NTA was being abused and I simply used examples close to home as an analogy. Instead, he now choses as I said below (in true McCarthyism tactics) to draw the people of Wisconsin into his personal, misguided vendetta. He is painting the picture of himself that I've been telling you all alone.I NEVER said he was an arsonist, but compared his fantasizing to one. I asked him to offer an alternative. Instead, he's blathering again about how the NTA is the cause of all the industry problems. This from an individual who has never been a member or intends on ever being one.
He changes horses in midstream now that his first tirades have failed. Please visit his website, he's so encharmed that 1600 people have seen it (OR one person looked at it 1600 times). After much discussion by a panel of taxidermists dedicated to the industry and to the NTA, it was decided that since only ONE state (California) was interested in the associate membership programs, we would not elect to use the associate system. (Unlike Bob's website, we decided not to use hollow numbers of people who had no interest in our goals to be considered over dedicated MEMBERS.)The cost of maintaining separate records alone for these inactive members would far outdistance the paltry $5 (California had suggested $10 to defray bookkeeping costs) you suggest.
Now I think that all reasonable minds can see that I have shown this issue not to be about the NTA but about one fanatical NON-member's quest to vilify a whole organization through smear tactics and disinformation.
The NTA Affiliation Program HAS been implemented. Case CLOSED.
In order for a STATE to be an NTA Affiliate, all members of that state organization must be NTA members. Case CLOSED
Any and all information is available to NTA members by request. All others may get much of the information from official NTA sources. Case CLOSED.
And finally, anyone who is concerned about the impact of anti-hunting/fishing entities (not just within your state but all over the world) against our industry and wishes to be a part of the only organization who will represent taxidermists, is welcome to join. For half the price of a Sports Illustrated subscription, you are welcome to join us and share all the benefits afforded NTA members regardless of WHAT decision your state association has made. We do no exclude anyone. That case will always be OPEN.
Now Bob, I tire of your ramblings. I and nearly 3000 other fine people froma all across the US(including several dozen from Wisconsin), Canada, and several foreign countries are NTA members. We are capable of making their own independent decisions and aren't interested in convoluted theories that a non-member is bent on prolonging. And I'm just not interested in anything else you might have to say. This is the last space I'll waste on this great website arguing with your imagined theories.

OK, enough of this crap

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/5/02. ( )

I dont know whos keeping score, but this crap is starting to stink. Read the post about "USFG at it again", and you will find the exact same post from "?" with just a few words being changed. Didnt anyone else catch this? Go ahead and read for yourself. I wish some folks could find another place to play games. Bob, sounds like its also time for you and George to get together via email on this one. Its not doing you, George, the NTA or Wisconsin any favors at this point...


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/5/02. ( )

Its under "USFWS Posts"...

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