Sorry to Hear the news, our thougths are with you all

Submitted by wanye ( kiwi) on 3/6/02. ( )

I am sorry to hear on our news here in New Zealand yesterday, that America lost some brave soldiers , we here are thinking of there families and the Wives & children that have lost there Husbands & Dads life will be hard for them,

May God Bless them all and try and put a end to this so no more lives have to be taken and more children are without there Mums or Dads

Makes you appreciate just what you have ,,, Does me

Kindest Regards to You All Over there
Our thougths are with you All !

Wayne (Kiwi as some of you know me by,,

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Thanx Wayne

This response submitted by George on 3/6/02. ( )

I'm pleased to know that someone other than their fellow (past and present G.I.s) acknowledge the tragedy and loss. Here in America, the death of a serviceman is too often considered a NON-event and an acceptable price to pay for the peace they all take for granted. If anyone doubts it, would they be so kind as to tell me how many G.I.s were killed when the terrorists hit the PENTAGON. I and all others who've actively served this country feel that loss. We've seen those family members left when the life of a vibrant young soul has been lost in combat and hidden under a "number of casualties" figure. Those "numbers" were actually living, breathing people who had families and friends just like each of us do. I've always hated Taps. That melody just tears at my chest as I know the occasion, and, but for the grace of God, could have been me. So my heartfelt thanks to you for remembering those that won't be. God bless.

Sad times for families, but remember

This response submitted by John C on 3/6/02. ( )

they died, fighting for us. For our right to agree. For our right to disagree. For our Blessing to sleep without worry. For our ability to chose where we go, when we go and to pretty much do as we please. For our right to earn a living in what ever vocation we choose.

It hard sometime to think and wonder why, wonder why would someone place their life in danger for what many times seems like a nationa that don't care.

Well the World found out that our nation cares not only about our people, but about the rest of the world.

Veterans have servered our nation, each for thier own reasons. Those brave souls who died in the last several wars did so of thier own choosing. Yes that unalienable right, pursuit of happiness.

Long live Americas and the freedoms for which we stand.

Go big Red, White and Blue!

This response submitted by John C on 3/7/02. ( )

A Revolutionary New Bomb

For the first time in combat, America has lobbed a still-experimental bomb so fierce it can crush an enemy's internal organs as he hides far beneath the surface of the earth.

U.S. military officials said American bombers dropped two of the little-tested munitions Saturday in the rough mountains of eastern Afghanistan, where U.S. and allied fighters are locked in a new ground offensive against Taliban and al Qaeda forces.

General Tommy Franks claims "This is a much needed weapon that has increase enemy casualty rates ten fold."

As heavy as a Volkswagen, these "thermobaric" bombs are designed to suck the oxygen out of a cave or tunnel, killing even earthworms deep underground. Though the blasts are believed capable as well of wrecking sensitive equipment and destroying chemical weapons beyond the reach of conventional bombs, they are designed to leave the subterranean structure intact so it can later be searched.

Named from the Greek words for "heat" and "pressure," thermobaric bombs are meant to address a glaring weakness in America's military might -- the ability to penetrate well-fortified or deeply buried targets.

"The United States and its allies face a growing threat related to critical military targets hidden within and shielded by hardened, deeply buried tunnel complexes," John Pike, director of, a defense research Web organization, recently wrote.

Such netherworld hideouts could become the place of choice for America's enemies to hide nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, or install impervious command centers, Pike wrote. One advantage of thermobaric bombs would be their theoretical ability to incinerate deadly weapons without spreading the poison into the atmosphere.

Before this weekend, only 10 of these GBU-118B bombs existed. The Pentagon had planned to begin final testing of the munitions later this year, but rushed them into production after the war on terrorism began last October, Pentagon officials said. They had been under development for two years.

After a hastily called test firing Dec. 14 in Nevada, an undisclosed number of the bombs -- whose cost the Pentagon has yet to reveal -- were whisked to Afghanistan, where Taliban and al Qaeda fighters have shown an affinity for using caves to hide weapons, ammunition and troops.

"It's something that we clearly have a need for in Afghanistan," Pete Aldridge, undersecretary of defense for acquisition said in announcing the first-ever deployment of the bombs, which were developed by the Naval Surface Weapons Center and adapted by the Air Force.

Attached to a laser-guided smart weapon and dropped from an F-15 fighter jet, the one-ton thermobaric warheads pack an extraordinary one-two punch.

Aimed at the entrance of a cave or tunnel, a first explosion from the 8-foot-long warhead spreads a fine dust of solid explosive, which penetrates the opening and beyond. After a 120-millisecond delay, a more ferocious blast ignites the cloud of explosive.

That creates an enormous wave of pressure and heat that essentially sucks the air out of the cave like a vacuum cleaner, collapsing the lungs of, and causing internal hemorrhages to, those unfortunate enough to be inside.

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