Need Help in Odessa Texas Area

Submitted by Mrs. Javi Nada on 3/6/02. ( )

I'm hoping to find a taxidermist near Midland or Odessa, Texas who might be willing to help me, and one of your fellow taxidermist, out of a bind.

Over a year ago, I fulfilled a dream of mine and shot my very first "big game" animal - a javelina. As a little girl, my dad took me rabbit and quail hunting, and although I loved it...I didn't really hunt once I got older. But there was one critter that totally captured my interest - the javelina.

Well I finally got one in Texas last year and took it to a local taxidermist. It was suppose to be ready in October and upon checking I found that the taxidermist had experienced some personal problems, but promised it would be done soon.

After more calls to him over the past three months and even a promise from him that the tanned hide and skull would be shipped out to me the very next day, it is weeks later and I still have nothing.

I read another post on this forum where someone successfully got their stuff back by offering a small fee to anyone who lived nearby if they would go talk to the guy, pick up the stuff and ship it out to them. I would like to make the same offer to anyone willing to help. I will of course reimburse or cover the shipping too.

I understand that things can happen. I don't want to have to take the legal route if I don't have to, but this particular mount means a lot to me. Getting the hide and skull back, so my local guy can finish the work, means much more to me than the possibility of losing my down payment.

Please email me if you would be willing to help. Thanks!

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Is he a member...

This response submitted by Tina on 3/7/02. ( )

Is he a member of the Texas State Taxidermy Assoc.?
If he is they may be able to help you.

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