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Submitted by Dave on 3/6/02. ( dblank8150@aol.com )

How many of you can't open any "windows" on our site. Please email me with info on what you do get and who your server is. We are trying to correct the problem. It seems that it works for some but not for others, it don't for me, all I get is thefirst two windows and I can't open any of the options. Thanks Dave

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This response submitted by Bill on 3/6/02. ( )

Dave, I can't get pass the opening page.I have cable internet service, and have no problem opening other sites

opening page

This response submitted by Linda C on 3/7/02. ( lcline@cheqnet.net )

Hi Dave,
I use a local ISP and have never been able to get past the opening page of the site.I'd sure love it if you all got it fixed.

Your Website

This response submitted by Dan on 3/7/02. ( dan@EastTexasTaxidermy.com )

Hi Dave,

I have not been to the website but I see this all the time. Without
visiting I'll bet you're using FrontPage or a MicroSoft editor of
some sorts. The problem here is that MicroSoft allows people using
these webtools to use extensions which can only be read and processed
by MicroSoft Explorer. Thus, anyone else using another browser may or
may not be able to read it. I've been on some sites where these
extensions will continue loading and never process in Netscape. The
browser will have to be shutdown and restarted before you can do much
of anything.

If this is not the case then if you use HTML table statements then make
sure you terminate ALL of the tables with the </table> statement. Just
make sure they match up (i.e. for each <table> make sure you have
a </table>). IE lets the pages display in this case but many versions
of Netscape do not. They will not show you the contents of HTML code
in the tables which are not terminated.

Just a couple of things to look at.


Site Update

This response submitted by Clyde on 3/7/02. ( )

Thank you for your sugestions Dan.

For all interested parties: I last updated the WTA site around mid Feb. If you haven't check recently, would you check to see how it works now. You may need to refresh or reload the site, if that still doesn't work post a message letting me know what happened.if you already have tried that then I quess it is back to the drawing board.


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