Why www.TaxidermyReference.com isn't found in search engines

Submitted by Mark on 3/6/02. ( HeadsOrTailsTax@hotmail.com )

The reason TaxidermyReference.com isn't found in the search engines is so that the visitor counter registers "TAXIDERMISTS" using the site and not just someone finding it on a search engine.

The website contains specials from our suppliers that are meant for us. The "How To" sections are to help sharpen or highten skill levels and show new products.

It may be a little "selfish" not to open it up to all the search engines....but this is OUR/YOUR reference site. Designed, updated and maintained by us (taxidermists).

I guess this is my feeling, and that's why I didn't registar it with the search engines, not because of money or any other reason. I could be wrong and it might be easier to find if I did put it on the search engines.....I guess before I do I'd like to hear your opinion. Could be your customer visiting and then want to come in to your place and telling you how they want that fish on a Matt Thompson fish mannikan with just a touch of Tom Sextons fish filler and painted to the details of Archie Philips last article in the 93 June issue of Taxidermy Today......hey it could happen.

So it's your call, do you want TaxidermyReference.com put on the search engines? Let me know what you think.

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Not good with computers

This response submitted by Patrick D. Rabine on 3/6/02. ( pr338@hotmail.com )

How do I get to it if I can't search it?Tried and can't find it.Thanks,

How to find it...

This response submitted by Mark on 3/6/02. ( HeadsOrTailsTax@hotmail.com )

simply type in the address area of Internet Explorer or Netscape the following www.TaxidermyReference.com
(where it says http://www.taxidermy.net/forums/ which is the page you are on right now)

or you can click "Suppliers" at the top of this page and then scroll down to "Reference Material" and the website is listed there.

Great idea

This response submitted by Tim Williams on 3/7/02. ( tjsimon@zoomnet.net )

Mark great idea keep it the way you have it.It is one of the greatest things to happen to this industry in awhile.I commend you on all your efforts.There is a wealth of information on your site as is with this site.You have the right idea.Thanks Tim

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