White Siberian Tiger

Submitted by John on 3/8/02. ( )

I might be able to get my hands on a White Siberian Tiger. This animal was on a fed. game farm and got out of its pen and was then put down.If this deal goes through,does anyone know if I would be able to sell it if i recieve all the paperwork,if so what would the value of this item be Thanks for the info.

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shut up

This response submitted by hello on 08/06/2002. ( how r u )

you need more information on tigers!

i agree

This response submitted by coocoo on 09/24/2002. ( )

i agree with the person up there, you need more info on white siberian tigers!

Dude where's the facts?

This response submitted by Kara on 09/25/2002. ( Coolsweetie9@aol.com )

Hello? Why post a site on tigers when you know nothing about them? Like I said at the top, HELLO?

ahh help me oi sfjusifhdujg hdug

This response submitted by heyhey on 09/28/2002. ( noprewayt )



This response submitted by Tiger Lover on 10/02/2002. ( )

You r one sick person who knows nothing on the majestic Siberian tiger.Let me help you. Check out www.tiger.to it will enlighten you with info on this wonderful creature. Why would you want to sell a animal like this stuffed and dead! It is cruelty to not have an animal in the right habitat. If it was in a zoo or in its atural envrioment okay but is it? NO! Now it will be stuffed and called a trophy waiting for some sick person like you to buy it.

u need more info! i have to do a project

This response submitted by sadproject on 10/18/2002. ( )

u need more info! i have to do a project!

How dumb are you?

This response submitted by Jordie on 11/28/2002. ( ljdykema@hotmail.com )

Hey, you are a VERY SICK A**hole! If you sell that tiger I will tell everyone how sick and cold hearted you are! So if I were you I would not even try!

How stupid can you get?

This response submitted by swed on 12/04/2002. ( )

you need more info on WHITE SIBERIAN TIGERS. YOU shouldn't do that to tigers stupid A$$HOLE

Stupid Ass

This response submitted by Santana on 12/04/2002. ( )

Man your dumb ass should have some pictures!!


This response submitted by MOM on 02/04/2003. ( )

How can you put that word on this website you freak.



This response submitted by me on 02/06/2003. ( )

I need information stupid. I'm doing a project. I hate you

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