Aquatic Art Taxidermy?

Submitted by Taxidermy fan on 3/8/02. ( )

I just thought you all may want to check out this fellas web site to check under his topic of "Quality" and see if pictures of your fish work is under examples of bad taxidermy?

I can't believe the nerve of this guy regardless of his skill level and what he negatively shows at his web site at the expense of other taxidermist just to get customers? Whatever happened to humbleness and respecting others work? I am sure customers with good morals will be few with this ego maniac!

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good fish?

This response submitted by do not need the grief on 3/8/02. ( )

If you look at the bright pink rectum on HIS FISH, and the fact that the pectoral fin on his sailfish is the same as the one he complained about he just did not even put the gill slit it to avoid this problem, the fact that his fins are terrible, his mouyths are too wide, his largemouths have black diamonds as a scale pattern instead of highlighting the scale tips to achieve the classic large mouth scale pattern. He shoudl put ALL HIS MOUNTS, to the same scrutiny he has done to others. His work SUCKS, and is mediochre at best!

I totally agree with you!

This response submitted by Taxidermy Fan on 3/8/02. ( )

It looks like he took a picture off of a FLorida fish taxidermy site here at the web site links and thrashed their work by saying poor comments about the gills. I do not believe what he is doing is legal and it is slander and degrading to other fish taxidermist ! That Aquatic Art taxidermist has no class at all!


This response submitted by h.o. on 3/9/02. ( )

Alright, first off, why did he put a picture of him and his mom on his website? Also, from the look of him, his gill plates are way too big, his neck is way underproportioned and his hair piece is from the prop department of Miami Vice. How rude to put that crap on his site. Somebody stop me....

aaa , umm,

This response submitted by Randal R. Waites on 3/9/02. ( )

aaa, umm, ooo, well, I won't say no more, but the members of the NSTA are no doubt proud as hell. rw

Let the customer decide!

This response submitted by Mike on 3/10/02. ( )

If this guy put any of your work on his page let the customers decide if it is crap! I have a number of competitors mounts in my shop that clients have brought me to FIX! I have a sign beside them that says you can have someone else mount your fish! I don't name who did the fish, but it shows them their is a difference! Is this wrong?

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